MPs suggest allowing vaping on trains & busses

  Quickbeam 19:46 17 Aug 2018

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Would we really want public places polluting with other peoples smelly smoke again? They may not contain the harmful tars and toxic carcinogenics of tobacco, But their smoke will still leave a lingering pong on non-smokers clothes.

And speaking of vape smoke, when people exhale vape exhaust, they could easily be mistaken for a dragon or a conclave of papal cardinals such is the volume of visible white smoke exhaled. Cars ahead of you in a traffic queue are often mistaken for a steam powered variety and vaping pedestrians look as if they may be about to self combust!

So no thanks, I like the clean atmosphere of the last decade...

  Aitchbee 20:08 17 Aug 2018

This stupid idea would allow tobacco smokers to 'blend in' with vapers esp. on doubledeckers. The bus driver would not be able to distinguish whom was whom.

ps. In Glasgow, members of the public are not allowed to alight if they appear to be steaming.

  Quickbeam 20:15 17 Aug 2018

Like this HB... Do you mind if I smoke?

  Aitchbee 20:20 17 Aug 2018

Exactly like that, QB.


  bumpkin 20:47 17 Aug 2018

Is it smoke or is it steam, either way I don't like the smell created nor do I like the smell of those smothered in perfume. I am a smoker but have no wish to inflict it on others. No it should not be allowed in my opinion but where does one draw the line.

  Al94 21:00 17 Aug 2018

I have an allergy to ecigs. Perhaps not to all of the vapes but to a majority. I can tell if someone is vaping even in a large room as I get a severe reaction in my upperrespitory tract which would have me talking like Donald duck within a few minutes unless I get offside. The effects can last for several hours. I know I'm not alone as I have met others with the same reaction. I will never be convinced these are safe or should be allowed in enclosed locations.

  Brumas 21:22 17 Aug 2018

Why not go the whole hog and allow spitting, another unsavoury and disgusting habit!!

When they banned smoking in public places I cheered, at least one could sit and have a meal without feeling like you were sitting in an ashtray!!

  lotvic 22:52 17 Aug 2018

No, no, triple no!

  BT 08:33 18 Aug 2018

No !!

I am an EX-smoker and have been for well over 20 years and even after all this time my Doctor/Nurse will not class me as a Non-smoker. The smell of even a small amount of smoke really bothers me now. If people want to smoke they should do it where it doesn't affect other people and as far as I'm concerned the same apples to Vaping. The volumes of vapour they produce must contain significant amounts of whatever Nicotine or other ingredients are in the product and shouldn't be inflicted on other people.

On a similar line I see that the Vue cinema group are planning on allowing Alcohol to be available/consumed on their premises which I hear is already allowed in some cinemas. Just another distraction to viewing and enjoying a film to add to the popcorn and use of mobile devices in the Cinema

  Cymro. 10:37 18 Aug 2018

You've said it all Quickbeam "Would we really want public places polluting with other peoples smelly smoke again?

So no thanks, I like the clean atmosphere of the last decade"

  canarieslover 20:31 18 Aug 2018

I'm an ex-smoker but I don't get troubled by other people smoking around me so I consider myself fortunate in that respect. What I don't like are the great clouds of, often scented, smoke that vapers seem to create. If they are allowing my local I shall probably vote with my feet and go down to the supermarket and buy my drink there and become a drinking recluse at home, though I might invite a few of my drinking buddies home if they can tear themselves away from the dartboard.

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