MP's at it again....

  Kaacee 19:46 28 Jul 2009

I see MP's have just awarded themselves a nice little perk, £25 per night for food and water no receipt necessary when away from home, no debate, no public notification,and just before the summer recess, why they call it "summer" is beyond me, it lasts nearly until christmas, just another under the table deal and they then have the nerve to appeal against a soldiers award for injuries sustained. DISGUSTING

  spuds 19:56 28 Jul 2009

Did you really think that there would be any changes!!.

  interzone55 21:04 28 Jul 2009

The summer recess is the period when MPs do much of their constituency work.

I get really annoyed when the tabloids say it's a holiday.

If that were really true you wouldn't see any of your MP in the local paper over the summer, when in fact, they'll be all over the papers, all summer long.

As for this "new" allowance, as fourm member points out, it's a continuation of an existing allowance. To be totally honest, £25 is not a lot of money for a stay away allowance if you need to buy dinner out in most major cities...

  Forum Editor 23:06 28 Jul 2009

to get your facts right before spouting off about something.

MPs haven't 'just awarded themselves a nice little perk' at all. That's a classic example of you reading something in a newspaper and putting your own interpretation on it.

"No debate, no public notification"

What nonsense - the allowance is clearly outlined in the House of Commons Green book, which was published in March of this year, and is available on the web for all to see. The allowance actually began to be claimed in April.

I'm all for accountability, but for goodness sake try to do at least a little checking before ranting about something.

  Kaacee 11:40 29 Jul 2009

Thank you FE for your usual high and mighty comment,I was not as you put it "spouting" off, I was merely quoting what the Telegraph reported.A newspaper that highlighted to a lot of people in this country how corrupt and self satisfying a lot of MP's are, leading to a total mistrust in most of them and quite rightly too.As for your comment that it is available online, that is all very well if you have access to a computer, and are prepared to wade through endless pages of gobbledegook,so how do you equate accountability with not needing receipts?. Also, in the absence of any comment regarding my comment about our serving forces, I presume you agree with the goverment's stance on this too, or was this also in the grubby green book.Your selective response leaves me cold.

  Kaacee 13:37 29 Jul 2009

forum do you equate what they write as nonsense, simple arithmetic will tell you that £25 x 365 =£9,125 irrespective of wether they are away for that number of nights is irrelevant, the potential to claim that sum is there, and thats all the Telegraph said.

Do you believe everyword written in the so called "greenbook" is gospel, because if you do you are more of a fool than i give you credit for.

Where do you obtain your so called facts, are you privy to inside information? or like us mere mortal's do you glean it from the radio/TV which report's even more of the dross that YOU despair about.

  spuds 13:48 29 Jul 2009

If it wasn't for the media publishing 'dross', then most of us would be far less wiser as to the facts of 'perhaps' wrongdoings in some quarters.

Had not the Telegraph took a stance on MP expenses, in which other media avenues took advantage,then I would well imagine that resignations and returned payments would not have occured. After all, according to some people, there was and never had been anything wrong because the guidelines stated so!.

And as for compensation, I notice that the government are thinking of further reductions in this area. Get part of your body blown off or injured beyond satisfactory repair, or perhaps get libelled, and I wonder which 'casualty' might achieve the bigger pay packet.

Bit like the banks and their return to normal service, after a generous hand-out of public money!.

  ol blueeyes 13:54 29 Jul 2009

Only 4 words to say .......What about the Pensioners ?

  Kaacee 15:47 29 Jul 2009


Could not agree more on

  spuds 16:56 29 Jul 2009

While we are talking about MP's. I have just been reading more media reports about certain MP's who have stated that they are not applying for re-election due to previous activities, are now showing their absence in parliament, yet still getting .

  spuds 16:58 29 Jul 2009

(Whoops-hit key to soon)

paid and claiming further expenses.

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