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MPs' expenses: Telegraph investigation exposes all

  hssutton 22:34 07 May 2009

The telegraph should make interesting reading on Friday.

Jack Straw claimed back twice as much for his council tax as he had actually paid.

He later repaid the money and apologised for the error. :)

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  hssutton 20:47 11 May 2009

Even worse than that Tony. Once they have their 2nd residence upgraded at our expense, they then alter it's status to main residence and sell it without having to pay Capital gains Tax.

Effectivly stealing our money twice over

  Blackhat 22:38 11 May 2009

I am not condoning any of the expenses claims discussed here but on a different note, the very people who are bringing this to our attention, ‘journalists’ are some of the most eloquent writers when it comes to expenses claims.

An old friend of mine from a national often said that the most lucrative writing was done on Sunday morning, sorting out weekly expenses.

He will remain anonymous but as an example he claimed his petrol & maintenance for his car that his wife used for two years while he was on a drink drive ban, as well as taxi fares. He would scour tables in restaurants when leaving for receipts and would often clock up 30+ meals a week!

I know this is not tax payer’s money but it is in the cost of what you pay for the newspaper that gives you the story of MP’s expenses.

  Quickbeam 23:32 11 May 2009

Time for a new 'back to basics', credibility attempt. It worked for John Major...

  Stuartli 00:43 12 May 2009

As a retired journalist, I take great exception to your unfounded comment that "..‘journalists’ are some of the most eloquent writers when it comes to expenses claims."

In the case of your "old friend from a national", there's an very old saying that "One swallow doesn't make a summer."

I'm not condoning MPs' behaviour in any way whatsoever, particularly with regard to property deals, but should point out in fairness that I, along with many, many thousands of others, bought my house in the mid-1960s with the benefit of mortgage interest relief (MIRAS).

  laurie53 06:57 12 May 2009

As I've said before, they should try the Scottish system, which is not perfect but perhaps better.

Claims are only paid against receipts, and all receipts are published on the internet for full, worldwide public scrutiny.

Not perfect, but it does concentrate their minds a bit!

  spuds 10:15 12 May 2009

But lets not forget, these people are 'honourable' and if you see televised Parliament, you might agree so ;o(

One of our local MP's as defended his claim for silk cushions in one of his homes. Most of his constituents of are the Asian community, so I would say this is a required and genuine office and working asset. No mention of an handmade Persian carpet for sitting on though, or the handmade oak shoe caddy (back to the drawing board methinks!).

But as others have mentioned, all this will go away, like everything else does, in our fair and modest land.

  Quickbeam 11:31 12 May 2009

"After that disgusting outburst by The Speaker of the Sty, aka Michael Martin, aka Gorbals Mick, if I had any say in any of this sorry, sorry snoutfest I would be dragging his Celtic backside over the border and sticking 10 feet on Hadrian's Wall to ensure that he never returned."

Just to point out that, had a similarly strong degrading description been aimed at any MP of a 'cultural nationality not of these Isles', would that constitute being a 'racist outburst'...?

  Quickbeam 12:04 12 May 2009

had the description, been tailored to an MP of a different cultural background, with equally correct geographical references, there would be an uproar.

Other than that, it was simply a casual deviation for no particular reason.

  Stuartli 12:11 12 May 2009

The view of one columnist who has never concealed his contempt for the Speaker's apparent failure to maintain the standards of the House, nor of anyone else there who oversteps the mark:

click here

  wee eddie 14:21 12 May 2009

Speaker Michael Martin's a Pratt. He has neither the intelligence nor the gravitas for the job, but this has been said many times before.

It is not the first time that he has failed in his role as Speaker.

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