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MPs' expenses: Telegraph investigation exposes all

  hssutton 22:34 07 May 2009

The telegraph should make interesting reading on Friday.

Jack Straw claimed back twice as much for his council tax as he had actually paid.

He later repaid the money and apologised for the error. :)

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  Al94 13:50 10 May 2009

Gandalf - it's small beer compared to previous Sinn Fein visits to London (in a past life of course!) click here

  spuds 15:05 10 May 2009

I can never understand why some people keep stating that we have to pay more for the services of other people, like MP's and bankers, as example. If anyone is reading the news lately, whilst the MP saga is going on, they will have also seen that massive bonus's and perks are still being paid out in banking circles, including those owned or partly owned by the public.

When I have started work or any job, it was always in the knowledge of what the wage would be, now it seems as though you start or put yourself up for a job, then state that you cannot manage on the income,or think that you are entitled to more, and then demand a higher incentive to carry on the position that you wanted so dearly in the first place.

If members of the public tried claiming for certain things, like the MP's are apparently doing, then I am sure there would be a definite no, when tax claims are submitted, and the public claimant would or could be classed as a scourge on society for demanding to much, with possible fears of severe punishment's for doing so.

Our local MP is always stating that he is trying to juggle his time between Westminster and his constituency, so time is extremely valuable to him. Yet only the other weekend, he managed to pull pints in his local hostelry as a 'one of the boys' PR venture. This same person also decided to stick with the governments views about the Gurkha involvement, and voted no, which was against most of his electorate wants. No doubt when election time comes around, he will be one of the people knocking our door, asking for our families support, because his is willing to serve another term.

  Picklefactory 13:08 11 May 2009

"Who is going to vote those who are morally guilty
of theft back into power,after treating the taxpayer with blatant contempt.

We will. If I'm understanding your meaning correctly, that you feel that those who may have abused the system are not worthy of re-election, then tghere is a fundamental problem in that MPs across all parties have been using the full extent of the rules to claim these daft expenses.

Who can you recommend we vote for, that anyone could say with confidence has been morally honest (If that makes sense, I'm trying to emphasise not breaking the rules is technically honest) and not just stayed inside the rules.

  Picklefactory 13:20 11 May 2009

With this particular issue in the forefront of many peoples minds right now, I can understand an opinion of limiting their tenure, but I feel that there must be (I hope) a fair number of genuinel honest MPs, and I would like to think that, like in any other difficult role, people get better at it with experience. I would hate to be a constituent who is very happy with their respective MP, only to have him forced out of the position by such a rule.

Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

  Stuartli 14:47 11 May 2009

>>One rule for the ruling class and one for the common herd.>>

There are many more Labour Ministers and MPs than in the other parties, so such a statement offers a false analysis.

I do accept that many MPs require accommodation near the Commons due to the distance from their constituencies, along with staff expenses.

But I do object to leading Labour figures in particular feathering their property nests by wheeling and dealing as necessary to maximise their eventual "rewards".

But, given carte blanche to get away with such a range of expenses tactics many of us, I suspect, would probably do the same...:-)

  wee eddie 15:00 11 May 2009

Was George Orwell not totally correct?

Promise the world and then, when voted into the ruling clique, milk it for all it's worth.

Probably another day of Conservative exposure and then we're on to the Liberals and the BNP, should be interesting.

  carver 16:20 11 May 2009

You wouldn't have just been sacked, you would have the police, taxman and god knows who else breathing down your neck.

I wonder how many will voluntarily give all the money back that they have taken out of the system by fraud, because for some of them this is what it amounts to. I can't imagine how any one can defend these people, they have spent years milking the system and not only bending the rules but smashing them out of all shape to suit them selfs.

Certain MPs should be asked to step down and resign as soon as possible.

  Stuartli 17:47 11 May 2009

Sorry, misread your intention (off to collect the other half so rushed it a bit)..:-(

  carver 19:21 11 May 2009

I don't know who leaked these documents but he should get a medal, as for Gorbals Mick spouting of this afternoon in the Commons about he should be found, if he is found and taken to court what jury would convict him, I for one would find him innocent of any wrong doing.

In fact the person concerned should get a medal.

  TonyV 19:36 11 May 2009

It seems to me that when the MP's have gained all the expenses for "doing up" their second home they can then sell, at what appears to be handsome profits, yet have no need to return to the coffers the sum they claimed to enable them to do up the barn in the first place!! Surely that is tantamount to stealing?


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