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MPs' expenses: Telegraph investigation exposes all

  hssutton 22:34 07 May 2009

The telegraph should make interesting reading on Friday.

Jack Straw claimed back twice as much for his council tax as he had actually paid.

He later repaid the money and apologised for the error. :)

click here

  Picklefactory 13:54 08 May 2009

Apply for election and inform your bank manager to take on some more staff.

  laurie53 21:09 08 May 2009

"will any be prosecuted?"

For what?

What they are doing is perfectly legal, though not exactly moral.

  namtas 22:11 08 May 2009

"What they are doing is perfectly legal, though not exactly moral". Some of it seems to be obtaining money by deception

  JYPX 22:44 08 May 2009

I think it is fair to assume that none of them could ever have imagined that such detail would ever become public knowledge. That is what makes this stuff much, much, more interesting, and revealing than 20 episodes of BBC question time.
It would appear that the claims submitted by Alan Johnson have been very modest indeed. I am slowly starting to warm to this down to earth guy,who is possibly the next leader of the Labour party.

  Quickbeam 23:24 08 May 2009

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"
"Apparently there is a Code of Conduct for MPs. The first principle is: Selflessness."
"They must have missread it as 'selfishness'."
"All I can say is that our MP's must have good accountants,"
"either way they'll get the money."
"Also, are these accounts not audited."
"They can dress it up however they like..."
"What's the easiest way to jump aboard the gravy train?"
"What they are doing is perfectly legal, though not exactly moral."
"I think it is fair to assume that none of them could ever have imagined that such detail would ever become public knowledge."

Didn't we vote for the '97 Labour landslide on these very same points levelled at the Tories... Don't dare to chastise me when I argue the point for not voting at all in the next election.

  Forum Editor 23:46 08 May 2009

Voters have short memories - a well known fact in political circles, and one for which many politicians have good reason to be grateful.

We live at a time when everyone expects to be able to know pretty well everything about what goes on in government, and there's nothing wrong with that. The problems arise when people start forgetting that politicians are human beings, just like themselves. They (the politicians) make mistakes, are guilty of errors of judgment, succumb to greed, are occasionally economical with the truth, sometimes behave improperly, and generally exhibit all the frailties and failings we can see in ourselves, if we're honest about it.

At the next general election we will choose a new set of politicians to govern our daily lives, and within six months to a year you will see threads in the forum lambasting the new government for precisely the same things that we see cropping up with monotonous regularity here. There'll be the cynical remarks, the tarring with the same brush, and the same self-satisfied 'this lot are a disgrace' remarks. What goes around comes around.

  carver 00:04 09 May 2009

Bit more news about expenses click here

Just wish I could claim for some of those things on my tax form.

  sunnystaines 06:36 09 May 2009

i thought making false claims for expenses could lead to a criminal charge of deception.

  laurie53 07:59 09 May 2009

I think you have to prove intent to deceive.

In all the cases of actual false claims, and there are not many, it has been claimed as a genuine mistake.

Proving that it wasn't would be very time consuming and expensive.

By far the majority of these outrageous claims were made within the rules.

  laurie53 11:46 09 May 2009

"These people live on a different planet from the rest of us"

No they don't. "these people" are just ordinary people who we have agreed should conduct the country's business for us.

Moan as much as you like, we chose to put them there, and we will choose,, no matter what we say now, to continue to do so.

If you don't believe me start a new party, "No Corruption"`or some such and see how many votes you can muster in the next election.

Even someone as popular and dedicated as Martin Bell could only manage to buck the system once before the status quo was`restored.

The problem is the system, and as I, and others, have said before, if I (and many others, if not most), had the chance of legally making a few ten thousand extra we would do so, and if that makes me morally bankrupt, so be it.

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