MPs' Expenses Again

  morddwyd 08:51 22 Aug 2012

I see there is a news story about MPs claiming accountants fees on expenses. and others

I know that there are some self employed on this forum, and some with their own businesses, the FE for one, so leaving out all the usual anti-politician bile, is this a legitimate business expense?

I personally don't think so, but I was never in such a position, so I can't really advance an argument, just an opinion.

Having said that, I used to claim shaving as a business expense!

  Aitchbee 09:27 22 Aug 2012

As a BT cable engineer I used to 'claim' for handling petroleum jelly-filled cables (up to 100prs ...the jelly acting as a water barrier).

It worked out at 10p an hour...and it was taxed!

  oresome 10:43 22 Aug 2012

There seems to be two issues.

Is it right that MPs can claim back the cost of employing an accountant on their expenses?

It seems that they are allowed by their watchdog and I won't argue with that decision providing it is solely for duties connected with being an MP. If they've complicated tax affairs due to outside business interests that's another matter.

Should MPs be taxed on the money claimed back for this purpose?

No, that doesn't seem right to me.

  Condom 12:26 22 Aug 2012

The way things stand at the moment if they are deemed as self employed then they can surely claim the accountant as a tax deductible. My argument would be more along the lines of why should the self employed have this right while others do not. Surely as an employee I should have just as much right to claim for accountants expenses when filling in my tax return as someone who is self employed. I would agree that the job would likely not be as onerous but that would be reflected in the total claimed.

Perhaps this is a case of my Human Rights being restricted!!

  Kevscar1 15:28 22 Aug 2012

We also get hammered more in other ways. As self-employed my ESA was only contribution based so stopped after a year, All records have to be kept for 6 yrs and HMRC can demand entry to my home at anytime to examine them. Even though I have been unable to work for 3 years and it is accepted I will ever work again I am stil subject to that for another 3 years.

  Kevscar1 15:29 22 Aug 2012

never work again

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