MPs back referendum on voting system

  peter99co 22:30 09 Feb 2010

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The government says change is needed to restore trust in politics but the Tories say it is a waste of £80m.

How say you?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:18 09 Feb 2010

'The government says change is needed to restore trust in politics'..the sheer irony of that remark is not lost on me.


  Forum Editor 23:30 09 Feb 2010

I say the Bill is going to meet with strong opposition in The House of Lords, and hasn't a hope of becoming law before the next election...and I say that the cynic in me says that the government knew that when it put forward the amendment in the first place.

  john bunyan 09:49 10 Feb 2010

This is clearly a sop to the Liberal Democrats to get their support if there is a hung Parliament at the next election. Although the latter would prefer the "Single Transferable Vote" method of PR they see this as a step in the right direction. Coming so late in the Labour term it is a ploy.

  john bunyan 17:14 10 Feb 2010

Other pundits (dare I say even more qualified than you) disagree with you but I do not want to endlessly prolong this discussion since , as FE says , it won't go through in time anyway.
Referenda are unusual in our system and the Government reneged on the Manifesto promise to hold one on the recent EU issue using a narrow meaning of the word treaty, so it seems odd they want one on this matter.

  bremner 17:21 10 Feb 2010

I am a strong believer that our electoral system need serious overhaul to make it more reflective of the electorates votes.

In this instance I too think that this nothing more than electioneering by Brown and has no hope of getting anywhere.

  peter99co 17:55 10 Feb 2010

Labour pledged a referendum on electoral reform in its 1997 election manifesto but the idea was kicked into the long grass by Tony Blair after his landslide victory.

  peter99co 17:57 10 Feb 2010

If Brown was to get back in he would do exactly the same.

  morddwyd 19:45 10 Feb 2010

As has been said, it is just apl oy.

Labour cannot really be seen to be in favour of a referendum on this issue, but implacably opposed to one on a not dissimilar issue in Scotland.

  oresome 17:49 11 Feb 2010

"Now, the alternative vote system supposes that we, the voters are engaged enough and intelligent enough to determine fourth and fifth choices. 'X is better on health and education but Y is stronger on defence and lives more locally. On balance I'll rate Y fourth and X fifth'."

Sounds admirable, but the Chilcot enquiry has demonstrated that MPs and even ministers have little say in the important decisions that will affect our lives for years to come.

While Tony was plotting war, Gordon was fretting over his own job, should Tony come out of it even stronger. That gives an idea of the intellectual thought process given to such matters.

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