MP3 Vs CD pricing

  canarieslover 16:32 31 Jan 2010

A new website to help check prices of CD's & MP3 across the web. click here I've always bought the album and ripped them myself when I've wanted music for on the move. It seems that I haven't spent too much more doing this rather than downloading, and I get the quality that I want.

  Awshum 18:40 31 Jan 2010

I usually buy CDs and don't mind if they are more expensive than MP3 as they should be IMO.

  interzone55 18:41 31 Jan 2010

It's rare that you will want every track on a CD, so buying just the tracks you want will usually save you some money...

  canarieslover 19:03 31 Jan 2010

I buy the CD's so that I can listen to the whole of it as the artist intended. Often I find that tracks I may dismiss on first hearing seem to get better and better on each succesive hearing. I may make up playlists for use on a portable player but at home I always listen from track 1 to the end. Perhaps its a habit from my vinyl playing where skipping tracks is not really an option if you value your records.

  Legolas 19:33 31 Jan 2010

I do the same I can't quite get into the habit of jumping about and missing out tracks, as you say probably a throwback to the days of vinyl. I also find that the tracks that don't instantly grab you grow on you with the listening and often end up your favourites.

  Input Overload 19:39 31 Jan 2010

MP3's are no match for a genuine CD & are not much cheaper. 320 bit is nowhere near CD quality,the difference is easily heard on decent gear.

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