mp3 players

  fitcher 17:24 19 Sep 2005

all this talk about mp3 players , the music sounds like its coming out of a tin can to me,, no thanks give me a mini disk any time .what do true music lovers think ,does it give you a headache ,,,,,,

  Belatucadrus 17:50 19 Sep 2005

Depends on the recording quality, I suspect a lot of people use 64 kbps, just so they can cram a few more tunes on the player. 96 kbps is OK, but I wouldn't want to go lower.

  Andybear 18:24 19 Sep 2005

I used to think the same thing but since buying my Creative Zen Micro a few months ago my opinion's changed. I wouldn't be without it now. I record at 192 kbps and the sound is very sharp and clear. It doesn't give me a headache. But then, I don't listen to stuff with lots of bass. One of my neighbours does and plays it loud. Now that does give me a headache!

  Fred the flour grader 18:36 19 Sep 2005

Fitcher, I have not got a clue at what rate I record at. I will say this though, I think they are a great piece of kit. I think the sound quality is spot on and they are so handy that depending on the size of the memory you can carry loads of tracks or just as many as you want. It's a lot easier than burning CD's and using the "old tape recorder".
I would say it's one of the better things I have purchased of late.

  fitcher 10:59 20 Sep 2005

I agree mp3 is ok for ordinary music tracks.but it still sounds brittle and to bright for me . but I listen to languages learning. and clarity is all important .you are right mp3 does the job ok for most people ..

  patsyanne 11:27 20 Sep 2005

I have a mini disc player as well as a sony mp3 player and i havnt touched my mini disc player since i had the mp3 the sound on mine with different headphones than those awful ones they supply with it is excellent and i can put 1000s of songs on it

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