MP Expenses - When will it all end?.

  spuds 17:54 03 Apr 2014

Yet again, further stories are appearing from the cracks in the wall, regarding the MP's expenses saga. And perhaps yet again should the public show some concern, what is still being unearthed?.

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  Forum Editor 12:32 12 Apr 2014


I'm not going to ban you for a bad-tempered outburst - all of us lose it at times. Yours was, I think, partly based on a misunderstanding ( I don't think anyone accused you of anything), and you are understandably sensitive on some matters, so there's even less reason for me to do anything about it.

Let the world take a turn, and come back to the fray, duly refreshed. Nobody is going to remember these exchanges for ever. There'll be another subject to occupy us all quite soon, in fact I can see one looming as I write this.

  Forum Editor 12:49 12 Apr 2014


How do you know that anyone "appears to ride gloriously onwards, while others get the 'bullets'"?

You see your bullet, you don't see those that are sent to other people.

  spuds 13:00 12 Apr 2014

It looks like things are getting completely out of hands, like they usually do, when one certain individual will almost certainly cause arguments on every thread he contributes to.

I only hope that the Forum Editor steps in and chastises that fellow forum member, the same way he apparently chastised me on page 17 at 3.11PM on April 9 2014, when I made a remark to fourm member "very fine example of foolishness that usually comes from you". Which apparently was not acceptable.

Deep insults and some very personal at that, seem to be acceptable from certain individuals, yet 'tongue in cheek comment' from myself apparently are not?.

No wonder contributions are getting less, and it doesn't take much to see why!.

  spuds 13:05 12 Apr 2014

I tried to post the above at 11.18AM, but was locked out of the thread by "You can only post 2 new threads per 60 minutes", hence the delay when the insults started?.

Looks like I will do a catch-up on other 'added since' contributions later.Got to go out again!.

  Forum Editor 13:33 12 Apr 2014

"It looks like things are getting completely out of hands, like they usually do, when one certain individual will almost certainly cause arguments on every thread he contributes to."

I don't think anything is getting completely out of hand. What has happened here is that there have been disagreements, and disagreements are the life-blood of a good web forum. If we all ignored flaws in each others arguments, and went along agreeing with everything that was said it would be a pretty dull affair.

Over the years we have had various people here who attracted resentment - one of them was famous for his ascerbic remarks, and was often thought to be me posting under a different identity. It wasn't the case, but that didn't stop people saying it was. That person no longer contributes, and some of the old familiar names of the past have moved on - it happens in all forums that last for a long time.

There are people here who say a lot but whose arguments are frequently full of flaws. There are people who think carefully, and do a modicum of research before entering into a discussion, and there are people who use the forum as a way of communicating with others - they don't take it all that seriously, and they enjoy themselves. We need all kinds of input - serious debates, and the occasional frivolous discussions are fine. What we don't need are people who just can't stop themselves from indulging in grudges and vendettas, people who just love to have a go at someone else for the sake of it.

Nobody is infallible, everyone makes errors of judgement, and all arguments contain flaws. There will be those who lose their tempers, and those who are quick to take offence. It's life in a web forum, and the way to survive it is to exercise a degree of tolerance, understand that there will be those who are incredibly nit-picking, those who like a good old stand up row, and those who just stand by and watch it all happen.

It's not easy to avoid taking things personally at times, but believe me it helps if you can do it. This is supposed to be fun, it's not the be all and end all of life.

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