Moving a toilet

  mrwoowoo 01:09 29 Aug 2008

My mother wants to move her seperate W/C from the end of the kitchen which is against an exterior wall. It will be put in the bathroom which is at the opposite end of the kitchen in the middle of the house.
There is a solid concete floor all the way through each room.
Is it possible due to the waste pipe, which i imagine involves digging up the concrete floor.
Has anyone had this done with a ball park figure for cost.
I would think it would be a lot of hassle for her.

  beeuuem 01:28 29 Aug 2008

That sounds expensive.Have you thought of Saniflo which only has a discharge pipe diameter 22mm to be connected waste outlet? click here

  mrwoowoo 01:45 29 Aug 2008

From reading the horror stories on the Sani flo forums i'm loathe to suggest that to her.
Lots of problems and expensive if they need servicing,which they sometimes do.
And plumbers hate them.

  rdave13 02:08 29 Aug 2008

It's going to cost an arm and a leg to do it. Worst thing will be the dust contamination on the ground floor. Builder will put up vis-quine or other plastic sheeting protection, but dust will go everywhere grinding concrete.

  crosstrainer 07:02 29 Aug 2008

A major job, if it's not really required, I'd advise her to leave it where it is....Saniflo systems have a habit of blocking up.

  Quickbeam 07:44 29 Aug 2008

"A major job, if it's not really required"
"Saniflo systems have a habit of blocking up."

To avoid having to service them due to blockages, it's best to avoid using them for major jobs (pun intended, but true)...:)

  Simsy 07:46 29 Aug 2008

have enough info with what you've given, and though there's nothing wrong what's already been said, things may not be quite as bad as the picture painted...

You say the new location will be the bathroom. This suggests that there is some close by route to the existing waste sewer.
Now I don't want to make it sound too easy, for it may not be, but if the "new" waste from the WC can be boxed in it might be possible to route it through a new hole in the wall to enter the sewer pipe outside. You say that the new location is in the "middle of the house." That may be the more significant issue.

A sketch showing existing positions of WC, bathroom and sewer would enable a builder/plumber to make a fairly swift assessment of the practicality of such a project.

Good luck,



  rickf 08:10 29 Aug 2008

Think again. It's better to have as separate toilet than have it incorporated in the bathroom. The reasons are obvious. The hassles and the costs involved make it unviable. In my previous house I did have a Saniflo loo and it did work well as an extra so was not in heavy use.

  Bingalau 09:18 29 Aug 2008

Surely you can just get a plumber to fit a new toilet in to the existing bathroom as long as there is room for it. As Simsy already pointed out there is a drain in to the sewerage system already, so that shouldn't be a big problem. I had an extra toilet fitted where my front porch used to be, brick built with washing facility and it has been a Godsend when the house is full of children or when visitors are staying. I can't remember it costing an arm and a leg either. So why not leave the one she would like moving and install a new one in her existing bathroom. Then she will have an extra one for emergency use.

  egapup 10:48 29 Aug 2008

Why dont you just ask a plumber for some ideas. Sounds like a sxxt job though.

  spuds 11:32 29 Aug 2008

The Screwfix forum (Midgetninja link) provides professional advice with a fairly good reply response covering various building and construction tasks. I would suggest that you give that a try, they are a mainly friendly lot on that forum ;o).

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