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Moving the Peers to York...

  Quickbeam 18:14 20 Jan 2020

...a good move for bringing democracy to the country, or keeping them out of the way?

Yorkie Lords.

  Quickbeam 18:17 20 Jan 2020

I suppose that the move could always justify the various HS2 routes, north/south & east/west using the argument that it links the entire country to the Northern Power Seats...

  Quickbeam 18:22 20 Jan 2020

...and the Blackrod pantomime would always entrain at high speed to the north for a jolly day out!

That would then sell the idea that the train is the best bet for day business either into London, or out to the provinces and back by tea...

  wee eddie 23:28 20 Jan 2020

Hey, if he really wants to annoy "The Sainted Nicola" he could move them to Edinburgh

  Dunk 13:56 21 Jan 2020

I'd go one better and shift them to Inverness, that would keep them all out of the way, as it should be, until a government has the cojones to abolish them altogether.

They all talk about it but never actually do anything about removing our 'unelected' parasites. Yet how much we always complained about unelected bureaucracy in Europe before Brexit!! Hypocrisy knows no bounds, the UK is far worse than nearly every other country in the world for unelected powers.

  wee eddie 14:12 21 Jan 2020

Of course, we could Elect them and offer them a Salary, with a Housing Allowance, Research Staff and Secretarial Costs, because someone is needed to tell the House of Commons to get stuffed, every now and again.

  Dunk 14:20 21 Jan 2020

But an elected revising chamber of maybe 100, instead of the almost 900 (and growing!!) presently, could be worth it. They would also save a fortune on finding a new, smaller, building for them, too.

  wee eddie 14:45 21 Jan 2020

Of course, we could always turn the space that the House of Lords is in, into England's Regional Assemble, on a par with those in Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff, and have the current Commons as the whole of the UK's Parliament.

  Dunk 16:14 21 Jan 2020

wee eddie

For that to happen, I think the new 'Parliament of the UK' would need to have equal representative numbers as the other 'regions'.

If the UK parliament was still vastly outnumbered by English MPs then it would be a bit like playing a football competition where one team is allowed their own referee in every game. It would solve nothing.

The 'overseeing' chamber of the UK would need equal representation of NI, Scots, Welsh and English in order to be acceptable - do you think that would ever be allowed?

  wee eddie 17:16 21 Jan 2020

Dunk: Most likely, Representation would be on a "per capita" basis

  Dunk 18:23 21 Jan 2020

wee eddie

In which case, what do you think the 'other' regions (England excluded) would say?

England would still be getting (just like now) all our own way every time, on every matter, because of sheer population superiority. How would NI and Scots, in particular, take to that do you think?

You couldn't have a 'central' government just being one of the 'regions', so, unless we made all regions equal partners- it's all pointless

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