Moving house with Talk Talk/ Tiscali

  muddypaws 19:22 02 Aug 2010

Has anyone experienced the above?
Hope to be in that position in a few months so
would like to know how it went.
Thanks in advance.

  morddwyd 20:06 02 Aug 2010

I use Pickfords meself.

Boom Boom!

  lotvic 20:08 02 Aug 2010

I did it last Nov, although only 2 streets away I had to have new number as not allowed to take old number (that's BT's rule not Talktalk)
Had to have completely new contract although was only half way through old one.
But no cancellation fee to pay (big of them as I was staying with talktalk)

First I had to have a temporary telephone number for 3 days until I was allocated permanent one.
Moved on 6th Nov and was given temp landline phone number (they rang me on my mobile to tell me)
Permanent landline number on 9th Nov
Talktalk sent Openreach to check the line and engineer installed new NTE5 box as I had very old linebox.
Broadband went live on 25th Nov
Didn't get any 'perks' or discount (I think I should have asked for some)

I foundTalktalk contact and update letters good
More info on click here talktalk 'moving home' page

Looking back it really didn't take that long but at the time it seemed to take forever.

morddwyd: did you use foxy boxy's?

  lotvic 20:10 02 Aug 2010


  Covergirl 11:29 03 Aug 2010

Yes. Brother in law moved house last November. We got about a weeks notice that everything had gone through and move date was 30th Nov 09.

The deal was basically a house exchange and in the same area, so we all wanted to keep our phone numbers. The first hurdle was that TT can't transfer phone numbers.

A lot of complications later, and to cut a long story short, we had to go back to BT until TT released our original number so that BT could "grab" it and assign it to our new property.

So we transferred to BT and got a new landline number within a week, but wanted to keep the original number which we had had for about 30 years. Not too much to expect really, was it?

This took just over 9 weeks, lots of phone calls between ourselves, BT and TT.

BT appeared to do everything it could to get us our number. TT, on the other hand, appeared very disorganised and unable to do anything to help.

We got a contact name and email address of a TT customer advisor who initially told me what would happen and how I had to transfer to BT and come back to TT. "Contact me when you get moved" she said. I was never able to contact this person again despite several emails.

I placed a "Help Please" on their forums but again, the forum staff were unable to do anything to assist, or even get in touch with the customer advisor to contact me. There was a lack of continuity with forum staff - I thought I had Emma handling my case but she dumped it after her initial reply. I don't think I managed to get the same person more than twice.

Several calls to TT customer services were dropped mid-call. I have been very patient and polite at all times with their foreign call centre staff, but when said staff could not understand the situation or resolve it, the call was dropped (i.e. they hung up).

All in all, a very frustrating experience, and for the whole 9 weeks we thought we might never get the original number back.

If you want/need to keep your number, my advice is to give TT as much notice as possible, be prepared to wait and put the contractual charges down as "a necessary expense of moving".

  muddypaws 16:01 03 Aug 2010

Not a good experience.
We hope to move to a new build bungalow only 2 miles away, but on a different exchange so will have a new BT number. Hopefully it will be smoother than your change.
Yes-just when you want access to email you don' have it.
I have seen TT home move page, but will study it again. No doubt reads as a piece of cake.
Thanks for replies.
I could see thet coming :-)

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