Moving house and broadband.

  spikeychris 14:56 24 Sep 2004

In one of my previous threads Baledor mentioned that he has just moved house and now has broadband. He says that’s not why he has moved; it’s just a bonus.

At home we are considering moving house and my wife wants to move to the sticks, it isn’t a BB enabled area so I have said no chance. She thinks I'm being unreasonable and loosing BB is a small price to pay to live in a beautiful environment. I say, I'd live in the shed first and eat of a box wearing a big coat rather than loose broadband.

I am alone in this?

  Forum Editor 15:19 24 Sep 2004

in your determination to carry on living in broadband-land.

Many of us share your your feelings, although some of us might not like to admit that it's so important a part of our lives.

  wallbash 16:16 24 Sep 2004

We moved a couple of years ago, when looking for the ‘dream’ house; it had to meet our needs. Bigger (our girls needed bigger rooms. ) close to a decent school, not too far to commute. Garage and because of me being the sole male in a house of females , another bathroom! SORRY but BB did not even get onto the list. A great bonus , cable but only that. Very nice but not enough to insist on.

Ps am now waiting to be removed from the Xmas card List!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:21 24 Sep 2004

I would hate to think that my choice of house was dictated to by the availability of BB. I would feel that my life was missing something and that there was something seriously amiss if it relied so much on a BB connection.


  Diemmess 17:09 24 Sep 2004

High time Channel 4 locked on to this vital asset

  Diemmess 17:14 24 Sep 2004

Just think how you can increase the value of your "little place in the country" if you can raise enough neighbours to register "Interest" with with BT. ...... That's how we did it in our village.

  spikeychris 17:24 24 Sep 2004

Big pipe or a hill? ahhhhhhh

  Forum Editor 17:48 24 Sep 2004

there really is.
Last weekend I treated an important Australian client to a country weekend. He's from the UK originally, and loves the countryside, so I took him to my favourite part of the North Norfolk coast. Together with our wives we walked the huge beaches, lunched in the local pubs and dined in our hotel overlooking the salt-marshes. I had no access to a broadband connection, and as someone else was watching over my baby for me I limited my forum access to a couple of quick looks via my laptop and mobile phone. If my wife said to me 'let's go and live there permanently, there's no broadband' I would go like a shot. She won't do that because she's a Londoner born and bred and likes the opera, the shops, the bustle etc., etc., but you get my point.....there really is more to life.

Perhaps GANDALF <|:-)>'s right, and there's something amiss if a broadband connection is that important.

  Diemmess 17:59 24 Sep 2004

Neither ..... in fact there was unfriendly rivalry beteween two factions. One was a group of those who "must have".. The other was some relative newcomer who wanted brownie points with a provider other than BT.

Each tried their hardest and the result was the mere 250 registrations were enough to bring the 21st century to the "mud flats" on the north side of the Severn estuary.

  spikeychris 19:06 24 Sep 2004

BB has made my life a lot easier, I can have a day off midweek now and do what I used to do at work from home.

  VoG II 19:14 24 Sep 2004

I may be a very sad person but the availability of broadband would figure very highly in any decision to move house. I'm not saying that it would be the overriding factor but it certainly would be pretty high on the list.

I too can quite happily forget about computers and the internet when away from home. But not on a permanent basis!

I work from home occasionally and plan to do so a lot more when my office moves several miles in the "wrong direction" next year. This would not be practicable without a fast connection.

Finally, Djohn would always "beat me on the button" when posting answers in the Helproom ;o)

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