Moving to Edinburgh this year perhaps

  rickf 11:08 03 Jan 2018

I am thinking to moving to Scotland mat some point this year. I do know that when buying it is done by submitting sealed bids in most cases. Apart from this are there any particular legal peculiarities that I should be aware of under Scottish property law, at least any differences from English Law of Property that I should know about. My target area is most likely to be Edinburgh. Which areas should I consider? Thanks. Any input welcome.

  Canopus 12:24 03 Jan 2018

You will find Edinburgh a lovely city. If you make an offer for a property and it is accepted that is it. You cannot back out as far as I'm aware. A lot depends on how much you have to spend. Morningside is very nice but expensive. The bus service within the city is first class which is easier to use than driving. Owning a car there is quite an experience as there are quite a few restrictions and parking can be very expensive(ie residents permits and car parks) For properties in and around Edinburgh have a look here. click here

  qwbos 12:54 03 Jan 2018

If you're flexible on location, look outside Edinburgh which is disgustingly expensive. What sort of radius would be possible? Working or retired?

  rickf 13:28 03 Jan 2018

Thank you guys. Feeling optimistic already as I have had a look at locations in Edinburgh and prices.

  Forum Editor 13:40 03 Jan 2018

"You will find Edinburgh a lovely city."

I can vouch for that. We have old friends who live there, and it's always a pleasure to visit the city. Our friends live in Stockbridge, which is a delightful area.

Good luck with your move.

  Aitchbee 16:35 03 Jan 2018

I stayed in Edinburgh in late '74 for 2 weeks whilst on work's training course [basic lead plumbing] spent a few evenings in Rose Street pubcrawling at night to cool down. I don't remember much apart from The Tankard which had dancing ladies who took their clothes off ... to music ;0]

  morddwyd 20:05 03 Jan 2018

There are many legal differences, and and you should really rely on a Scottish solicitor rather than enthusiastic amateurs like us!

The trouble with Hindenburg is the same as Lon on, stupidly excessive prices, and having to share it with so many tourists. North of the Forth prices decrease in inverse proportion to distance from Edinburgh. Do not totally discount Perth, not for nothing called the Fair City. It has good fast road and rail links.

If you haven't a'ready done so I do urge you most sincerely to have some idea of a course of actin in the case of independence. Ignore the propaganda, it is areal possibility. At the age of 80 I would find if difficult to move back south, bit While I have no problem with independence per se I would find Nicola's Scotland hard. She is more left wing than Jeremy!

  qwbos 21:22 03 Jan 2018


Funny you should mention Perth. I was thinking the same thing. Firstly, though parts of the city, like most others. are dreadful, the surrounding area is beautiful. Secondly, house prices are falling after reaching artificial highs, so more bricks for your buck.

As for the screechy wifie, I think you're right when you say it's a real, and scary, possibility, but I'm not too sure about wings. Isn't she more of a headless chicken?

  Aitchbee 21:39 03 Jan 2018

As for the screechy wifie, I think you're right when you say it's a real, and scary, possibility, but I'm not too sure about wings. Isn't she more of a headless chicken?

Geezabrek qwbos.

  morddwyd 09:28 04 Jan 2018

Oh dear! That's why I advised you to ignore the propaganda; she is arguably the most able politician in thee UK.

That's why it's scary!

Perth is by no means a cultural desert, and you are within an hour of Loch Lomand and the Trossachs, highland Perthsire and the Angus glens.

  Forum Editor 09:56 04 Jan 2018

Hopefully, this isn't going to develop into a debate on Scottish politics - rickf asked for advice about a move.

This should help on the subject of buying a house in Scotland, rickf.

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