mouth ulcers [random i know]

  AL47 19:56 14 Sep 2009

so, i suffer occsionally, [like when stressed] with mouth ulcers, just last week i had a real nasty one right on the area behind the corner of my lip, so even speaking hurt, i had run out of the anbesol/bonjela so wh=ent to tesco to get a new pack, and saw a medicine that claimed to be a one hit KO, it was £5 for 2 applications, this thing was giving me so much grief i thought, go for it

to my great surprise it worked, tho the pain was nothing id ever felt before [havent had too much physical pain but this was unique]

thing is i didnt know such a medicine existed, and neither did anyone i know

  lotvic 20:48 14 Sep 2009

glad it worked for you even if it was painful to use.
That must have zapped it :)

  morddwyd 08:50 15 Sep 2009

Not a real sufferer myself, though I do get them from time to time.

As this is an OTC remedy I hope the FE will slightly bend his medical advice policy to allow you to tell us what it it is

  babybell 09:02 15 Sep 2009

And have always used the common gel medicine that you mention. However I have seen these one application wonders, sort of like a cotton bud that you snap the liquid into. However, they were £8 for 2 and no amount of pain is worth that, i have a mortgage! If they've dropped in price I might consider in future.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:24 15 Sep 2009

can sometimes indicate an underlying medical condition, especially if they are happening with no obvious cause, i.e. accidentally nipping the inside of the mouth and drawing blood while chewing.

I would advise mentioning your ulcers on your next trip to the dentist and see if they have any thoughts. Mention it to your GP as well, but a dentist is more used to working in that part of the body so will be more familiar with symptoms and causes than a GP.


  ronalddonald 09:50 15 Sep 2009

a mouthwash regulary like listerene or corsodly. and drink a hint of lemon in some water.

  exdragon 12:23 15 Sep 2009

Best stuff for mouth ulcers is Frador, a small vial of magenta liquid which you paint on with a cotton bud. Widely available OTC and great because, unlike gels and pastes, it stays on the ulcer. Especially useful for the problem areas at the junction of the inside of the cheek and the gum, or under a denture!

  Cymro. 12:41 15 Sep 2009

I don`t see why anyone would need medication for mouth ulcers unless they were a sign of some other medical condition and you would then see your GP about the problem. What sort of wimps are we that we need a pill for every ill these days.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:45 15 Sep 2009

Prevention is better than cure.

I used to get a lot of them suffered for years, Doctors no help.

So I did some research, read all sorts from Biochemistry to Cookery conclusion I came to, I was suffering from lysine deficiency.

Lysine is available as a supplement from all the well know "herb & vitamin" shops.

Made sure I upped my lysine intake to the daily recommended dose and haven't suffered from them in nearly thirty years now.

  AL47 18:07 15 Sep 2009

i dont need medication, but want it! this one made eating painful being where it is

babybell ..yep thats what it is, ill say what it was and if it gets deleted, it gets deleted, this one was called oralmedic, im going to get some more, just in case i get another, for me its much better than sffering, 2.50 for a week of no pain? ill take it

  peter99co 18:14 15 Sep 2009

All the facts are available if you Highlight and Bing Oralmedic (IE8)

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