Motorists latest victims of missing data scandal

  ajm 15:35 16 Dec 2007

Data loss seems to be happening on a much regular frequency - frightening

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  anskyber 15:45 16 Dec 2007

Looks like another example of Murphy's Law.

It's often the case that once a cock up has occurred other such events come out as a "come clean" attitude takes over and before they are discovered rather than admitted to.

  Al94 19:32 16 Dec 2007

Looks like the beginning of the end for G B click here - it was never going to work!

  LastChip 00:44 17 Dec 2007

Every time you read about data loss, there is always a common theme.

Haven't theses morons ever heard of encryption?

  amonra 19:34 17 Dec 2007

During my time out east, if we had something REALLY sensitive, then it went with an escort all the way, and delivered personally to someone who signed for it.
Surely it's not beyond the capabilities of the DVLC to pay for a second class return ticket from A to B ???? It's all down to expenses.

  LastChip 01:39 18 Dec 2007

Providing a strong key was used, these missing discs/drives would be of no value to anyone.

The time required to crack the code would be well in excess of the time crooks would be prepared to spend.

But whether you agree with me or not, basic security demands encryption as a fundamental part of the overall process.

On a side note: some time ago, I contributed to a thread concerning ID cards.

My stance was they were not necessary and even if they were, the government is incapable of implementing and securing the required data.

I feel pretty much vindicated!

  laurie53 09:34 18 Dec 2007

Exactly. Why does this data need to go abroad?

Overseas call centres are one thing, the Government passing our data all over the world is another.

  realist 19:32 18 Dec 2007

It’s not necessary for your personal data to be on a hard drive lost in Iowa for your privacy to be compromised by HMG.

Out-stay your welcome in a Tesco, or just about any other retailer’s, car park and you will soon become aware that the government (in the guise of DVLA) has disclosed your name and address to the retailer for the purposes of extracting a "Parking Penalty" from you.

  Quickbeam 08:34 19 Dec 2007
  anskyber 12:50 07 Jan 2008

Clarkson conned of money even though all the information he made available is publicly available or on any cheque you send to another. click here

  laurie53 20:00 07 Jan 2008

I'll go along with that.

One hesitates to use emotive terms like asking for it, but he was, to say the least, a little naive.

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