The motorists of Cuba ...

  Quickbeam 13:04 26 Nov 2016

must be looking forward to upgrading their cars to 1960s models ard moving on into the late 20th century now that Castro has popped his clogs!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:40 26 Nov 2016

"Where there is a political vacuum, there is opportunity for someone to fill it."

I think this was a quote from Putin?

Interesting to see what is going to happen in Cuba now Castro is gone after 50 yrs in power.

  Quickbeam 13:59 26 Nov 2016

I would think that Cuba will be quite stable post Fidel on account that his brother has been running things for the last decade and has already made peace of sorts with the USA.

  Old Deuteronomy 16:19 26 Nov 2016

Fidel Castro's son, Raul has been President of the Council of State and running the country since 2006, so I don't see much changing soon.

  Quickbeam 17:44 26 Nov 2016

Yes, his son.

  Quickbeam 18:13 26 Nov 2016

I thought I was right first time...

  lotvic 18:38 26 Nov 2016

Quickbeam, you were and are.

  Old Deuteronomy 20:07 26 Nov 2016

Actually, I believe I was wrong, Raul is Fidel Castro's younger brother.

  Quickbeam 06:06 27 Nov 2016

A classic case of if you state something with enough authority, it's believed!

Anyway Cuba's motorists will no longer have to repair their ageing '50s cars bodywork with old food tins...

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