motorbility scooters & insurance

  sunnystaines 08:16 07 Apr 2010

click here

this poor old biddy may loose her house over an accident.

is it not compulsary to have insurance on these vehicles in public places.

last year we were bolled over by one in scarbororgh but we were not injured and the old biddy driving was more shaken up than we were.

  ronalddonald 08:46 07 Apr 2010

Have you noticed that many supermarkets are trying to cram more things into the shop floors.

Hence i wonder if the old lady went bang into the shop floor worker because of too may things on display. When i walk down the ailse i always see shop floor baskets placed on corners or in the middle and we all have to Manoeuvre our trolleys around and so do the motorbility riders. This gets very increasingly difficult during certain times of the year

  interzone55 08:46 07 Apr 2010

There's no tax, MOT, licence or insurance on Motobility scooters, or cycles for that matter.

The situation may change though click here

  sunnystaines 09:02 07 Apr 2010

cannot get your link to open

  interzone55 09:04 07 Apr 2010

It just worked for me.

Use this link
click here
and it's halfway down the page
Video News: Action urged on mobility scooters

  sunnystaines 09:06 07 Apr 2010

finally got it to open and play. the reporter makes some very good points.

  canarieslover 10:24 07 Apr 2010

They have been around long enough now for Government to formalize regulations for their usage but nothing has yet been done. Questions have been asked in the house but still we have elderly people, who have never been behind the wheel of a vehicle in their life, allowed to drive among pedestrians without any formal training. When I have read in the past of children being prosecuted for driving battery powered toy cars I wonder why the sale of these bigger versions has been allowed to go ahead unchallenged.

  Strawballs 10:48 07 Apr 2010

There is a section in the highway code that covers these vehicles but most of the people that drive them through our busy high street (pedestrianised) at twice walking speed can't have read it

  Big L 266 10:48 07 Apr 2010


I live in a Lincolnshire market town and one of these mobility scooters had a fat old woman in one who could clearly do with losing about 10 stone of ugly blubber.

Not content with this,she takes her three dogs for walkies with the leads tied to the steering column.As she whizzes along the street,her three dogs walk and trot alongside or ahead of her thus making the already narrow pavements even more crowded than they need.

She doesn't always concentrate on where she's going as she's always yelling at the dogs who often tug at the column. As a disabled person myself,I stand well back and let this imbecile pass by unhindered. I have no desire to be run down or tripped up by her dog leads or the dogs themselves.

She's also quite agile. When she gets to the supermarket,she tethers up her three dogs who then do nothing but bark and yap until she wobbles out of the supermarket with her purchases.Then the dogs go demented.

She is a real pain and the sad fact is that anyone of any age can have one,can drive it in any fashion they see fit,don't have to sit tests or learn how to drive the things,and generally be a pain to both abled-bodied and disabled people alike.

Its about time this free-for-all was stopped and properly regulated.I'm all in favour of means-testing people to see if they need a scooter.After all,most of them here are fat and obese and can't walk because they overstuff their faces with food and never exercise.

Big L 266

  Bingalau 12:34 07 Apr 2010

Big L 266
Yes I agree with most of your posting, but I bet there are fat people who have got that way by other means. (than stuffing their faces) There may be fat people who suffer from some sort of medical problem who have never been capable of exercising. With being sat doing little exercise and eating normally all the time, they are inevitably going to put on weight.

But like you I think most of them have got that way by overeating in the first place. I remember going to Florida in 1993 and being amazed at the numbers of overweight people riding around in all sorts of buggies and eating as they went on their merry way. Now this country is catching up on that way of life. I don't suppose these type of people will live long enough to draw a pension. So let them get on with it.

  Quickbeam 12:42 07 Apr 2010

Will parents living within walking distance of school, fat people living within walking distance of the chip shop, smokers within walking distance of the paper shop, old people within walking distance of the Doctor's, businessmen with walking distance of the office etc... (I think you get the idea), also be means tested to see if their right to have a mode of transport at their disposal is a worthy one?

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