morddwyd 08:51 06 Jun 2010

I know that many of you will not be interested and will feel compelled to say so, but of those who are, can anybody see Rossi returning to his previous level after such a massive fracture this late in his career?

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  wiz-king 09:04 06 Jun 2010

Well if you are going to get a compound fracture it's a good place to get one. Because of his leathers and their padding he probably kept it clean so that will reduce the risk if infection. So, yes I think he will be back competitively next year.

  Noldi 12:04 06 Jun 2010

The Doctor had to see the Doctors.

He will be back. OK his championship for this year is all but gone.


  morddwyd 15:00 06 Jun 2010

No doubt he'll be back, but will he be able to reach back up to the levels he himself has set?

  Snec 20:17 06 Jun 2010

No, I don't think he will, not at the same level.

This is the first serious injury he has had and at his age it's bound to have a worse effect than it would have when he was younger. He was finding it harder in any case against the young up and coming riders, especially his team mate Jorge Lorenzo.

Rossi is a living legend and his record holds up well against all the greats of the past including Duke, Hailwood and Ago. (I'm not, incidently, keen on making comparisons across the decades in any sport where equipment can make huge differences.)

Rossi has nothing to prove although I suspect he'll still be giving it 100% again next year.

  csqwared 21:28 06 Jun 2010

I can't help thinking of Barry Sheene, a walking ironmongery shop when he finally finished but managed to carry on racing, and winning, despite injury. I suppose comparisons have to be made in the machinery they ride today compared to Sheene's - G force, acceleration etc. but still quite a feat. I feel sure, given Vale's competitive nature he'll be back - and this season. Be interesting to see if Colin Edwards gets the bike.

  csqwared 21:33 06 Jun 2010

referring to Barry - "A spectacular crash at the Daytona 200 in 1975 threatened to end his career, breaking his left thigh, right arm, collarbone and two ribs, yet he recovered and was racing again seven weeks afterwards."

  Noldi 21:36 06 Jun 2010

"Rossi has nothing to prove although I suspect he'll still be giving it 100% again next year".

And right him off at your peril. With advanceces in medical care compared with what Sheene had and jeremy burgess engineering his bike he will be back. If not he could be driving a Ferrari.


  Strawballs 21:57 06 Jun 2010

He has not been the same since he hurt his arm earlier this season, Lorenzo has the measure of him, he should have got over the shoulder injury by now I think he will not be the same.

  morddwyd 07:08 07 Jun 2010

Don't get me wrong.

We'll still see him on the podium, but perhaps not on the top step quite so often.

  Quickbeam 07:38 07 Jun 2010

"...this late in his career?"
He's only 31, if he has the drive after recovery, he'll be back.

Anyway, it's only a minor spill compared to Sheene's Daytona spill, and that didn't stop him.

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