Motobility and Employment

  ed1873 16:06 05 Apr 2010


I am new to this Forum and 15 Months ago had bad accident at work, had to have below the knee amputation a few weeks ago, though i am told i may well be able to return to work, i have been looking at Motorbility and was wondering if anyone could tell me what happens if you go back to work, as i need an automatic car to get to my work, do i have to give up the car ?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:14 05 Apr 2010

click here will help and ythere is a telephone number that you can ring for advice...from the horse's mouth as it were.


  ed1873 16:28 05 Apr 2010

Thanks GANDALF will do.

  jakimo 16:32 05 Apr 2010

Cant advise you with your question, but wish you well for the future.

  tullie 16:35 05 Apr 2010

I had the same op a few years ago.If you are on the higher rate of DLA,which you should be,you can get a motability car,paid for by your DLA.You can work as many hours as you want to as your DLA is not affected.

  ed1873 16:37 05 Apr 2010

Thank you very much jakimo , am desperate to go back to work so here,s hoping.

  ed1873 16:41 05 Apr 2010

Thanks tullie thats really good to know, am just waiting on my Prostetic Leg, so obviously i will need an automatic car, to get me to work and back.

  tullie 16:49 05 Apr 2010

I was off work for a year,got my nhs prosthetic leg,and thought i would never manage,but its really a piece of cake.Cant run around anymore,but i dident before anyway.The people you see running round,climbing mountains,dont have legs made by the nhs,but pay a lot of money for a private one.

  tullie 16:52 05 Apr 2010

And of course a lot depends on the type of work you do,i wouldent like to be standing allday,or walking a lot either.A lot depends on your age,younger folk find it easier.

  ed1873 17:01 05 Apr 2010

i was actually wondering about that tullie , how long will it be after i get my leg that i will not have to use my crutches and does it take a while to get used to the leg, i am a hoist engineer and may be doing a lot of kneeling and bending.

  ed1873 17:20 05 Apr 2010

Thank You fourm member will look into all of this before i make a decision.

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