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  keith-236134 19:43 26 Apr 2006

After my thread on MOT's and the new computerised system just thought you would like to know that I took my old banger for it's yearly check and the computer was down, LOL, so they had to do it the old way, must have been the same for the whole country. It failed by the way.....more money.

  pj123 12:06 27 Apr 2006

This is probably not very ethical but I get my car MOTd every six months (whether it needs it or not).

If it fails and the cost to get it through is more than the car is worth I sell it with the six months current MOT and buy another (with at least a 10 month MOT.)

  keith-236134 13:00 27 Apr 2006


  namtas 13:02 27 Apr 2006

I dont know about your method being ethical.

If you have a car MOT and it fails the test then as the law stands it is classified as unroadworthy, and it can not be used until the fault is corrected, My understanding is that you are able to drive to the nearest repair centre of your choice or to your home by the shortest route you have very limited options at this point but as I understand it you can not forget the fail test, or sell it with the origional test cert.
Maybe you could get away with this before because of the lack of positive id the paper trail is real now.

Each fail is now computerised and it is available on record to the Police. Department of Transport and your insurence company is also logged into the system. So you end up having no insurence also

  johndrew 15:12 27 Apr 2006

I read in the paper the computerised MOT system cost something like £26M. Sound to me as if the money may not have been as well spent as it should have been; I understand the system has failed a number of times since its introduction.

Now, apparently, if you try to get road tax with the temporary MOT certificates issued some post offices are refusing to issue a disk. Then of course the computer says you are using you vehicle illegally and fines you!! Talk about Catch 22.

  amonra 15:39 27 Apr 2006

Took my car to my local "friendly" MOT station this morning for its first MOT. Had a chat with the owner, asked him how he was coping with the new computerised system, AAGGHHHH !!! I cant repeat the words he used, but the essence of the conversation was " B****Y USELESS LOAD OF JUNK !" The system has been "down" for the last 3 days so everything has to be entered manually, then when it comes back on line he's got a couple of days work to input all the details for the cars he has done. He is getting on a bit so he is not exactly au fait with modern computer systems and typing one finger style is all he can cope with. He said that some young girl came along initialy and showed him how to fire-up the system, but as you older generation bods will appreciate, it's not all that easy to absorb new technology AND run a garage at the same time. How are the small businesses supposed to manage ? The expense of setting up the system must be quite heavy, I can see him calling it a day shortly and closing down. Nobody will replace him because it's only a small concern out here in the sticks and I will be forced to drive to the next village in 2007. Happy days - - -

  pj123 16:23 27 Apr 2006

Hang on a minute.

"but as you older generation bods will appreciate, it's not all that easy to absorb new technology"

I am 70 years old and I have quite a few IT qualifications, C&G, HND, RSA etc... and I was an IT trainer for the last 10 years of my working life.

My Doctor's practice was closed all day today while they have a new computer system installed.

When I laughed, my doctor asked why. One day to install a new computer system and have it up and running with no problems. I don't think so. I reckon we will still be having problems in 3 months time.

  amonra 16:36 27 Apr 2006

I also am 70+ (the thick end) and I also have a load of paperwork in my cupboard, but you must admit that anyone not familiar with IT is going to find the learning curve VERY steep at the later stages in life. I personally find it increasingly difficult to absorb new technology and can sympathise with people who are forced to learn "new tricks".
PS Hope your doctor has more success than my garage friend.

  Forum Editor 17:00 27 Apr 2006

" XXXX USELESS LOAD OF JUNK !" May help relieve the stress, but it's not true, and won't alter the fact that if you want to continue testing vehicles you'll just have to live with it.

The system glitched, but it will be sorted out, and will no doubt work well for a long time. Our world will become increasingly computer/internet oriented and we might just as well accept it - learning curves may be steep for some, and others will close their minds, but it's unavoidable if we're to make any kind of progress at all.

As for selling a car that's failed an MOT test - it's illegal for such a vehicle to be on the road. An MOT certificate is NOT a certificate of roadworthiness, but the lack of one means a car mustn't be driven - except to a testing appointment. You may not sell a vehicle as roadworthy, once there's a test failure, even if a previous certificate has an unexpired period. The new system would invalidate your previous certificate, your tax disc, and your insurance, once the system recognised a test failure - you wouldn't be able to drive the car legally yourself.

  pj123 17:27 27 Apr 2006

amonra, "but you must admit that anyone not familiar with IT is going to find the learning curve VERY steep at the later stages in life."

No, I can't admit that. When I was teaching I had a 72 year old lady who was absolutely terrified of touching a computer. She started my class on Monday but by Friday I couldn't get her off the computer.

  namtas 17:36 27 Apr 2006

"As for selling a car that's failed an MOT test - it's illegal for such a vehicle to be on the road."

I have already made pj123 aware of this in my post at Thu, 27/04/[email protected]:02

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