MOT - now its service every year from new!!

  v1asco 21:22 21 Apr 2006

My Scenic is 3 in December and we have decided to buy new again. The present car was serviced every 2 years. Now Renault have a yearly service interval to agree with EC ruling on emmissions, so they say.
Could this be a 'stealth' MOT?

I am not mechanically minded so didn't ask further.

  namtas 21:51 21 Apr 2006

There are only two set points at which your vehicle will be checked for exhuast emission values, at service and at MOT. As a new vehicle does not have a MOT for the first year of its life your original Scenic could have been in use for two years with poor emission values. Faults such as sensors can occur in new vehicles to cause problems it is not always caused by wear.

  namtas 21:53 21 Apr 2006

Ooops:- for the first 3 year of its life

  v1asco 22:11 21 Apr 2006

We changed the car before the 3yrs to avoid the MOT route, mainly because with me being away 66% of my life the least hassle the better.

I understand your point about sensor failure. Maybe saying service is to strong a term, perhaps if manufactures said yearly emmission tests (at my age I should be so lucky) and 2 yearly service it would sound nice.

I look forward to other thoughts.

  pj123 11:28 22 Apr 2006

I have always been of the opinion that all vehicles from new should be subject to an annual MOT. I have seen many new cars that don't need an MOT where they only have one brake light working or one headlight not working. If it was my car (over 3 years old) it would not pass an MOT. But because the car is less than 3 years old it doesn't seem to matter.

When MOTs first came out it was for vehicles 10 years old or more. Then, they only checked Brakes, Lights and Steering. Now, of course, it's a lot more comprehensive. It can fail an MOT with a cracked rear view mirror (even if you can still see in it).

  welshbenson 15:15 22 Apr 2006

If it makes owners make sure their cars are up to the required standard then thats a good thing.

  bremner 15:21 22 Apr 2006

I have just bought a new VW and no yearly emmissions checks with them - maybe just a Renault thing?

  J B 15:56 22 Apr 2006

Manufacturer's warranties vary widely, however, the rule of thumb is that the owner has responsibility to look after the vehicle once they drive it off the showroom floor. If I was a person driving around with a headlight or a tail light not working and the old bill stopped me and gave me a ticket who would be at fault? The answer to that is not the manufacturer, but the person behind the wheel. Everytime you take the car to be serviced under warranty or not you should not have to worry about anything, that is if you looked after the vehicle properly. That is IMHO. J.B.

  v1asco 21:49 22 Apr 2006

Now I am having a bad hair day.

Seems I have given the impression that only the MOT will tell me if my lights are out.

Can only agree with WelshBenson and thanks Bremner as I am interested in what other new cars require.

  spuds 22:34 22 Apr 2006

Regarding emission testing, this can be checked at any time on any vehicle, by the appropriate authorities as a road side stop check.The same rule applies to any vehicle inspection, as a road side stop check.

  namtas 22:40 22 Apr 2006

The almost only sure way to to be certain any car is 100% safe as per the MOT test would be to do a full MOT every week.

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