An MOT failure IMO passes the test

  De Marcus™ 21:14 21 May 2007

My wife’s car was due for it's first MOT today and it was duly booked in. I was expecting it to fail as I knew of a few problems but was willing to let it go through the test for confirmation as I could then take it back to the garage and show them the faults as it's under guarantee. The first fault (apparently a known type and common) was the side airbag light on the dash, comes on as and when it pleases, sometimes it doesn't come on for 600+ miles (it was shining bright for the MOT). Secondly, there’s a nail in the offside rear tyre, which is a low profile type about 2" thick. I've no idea how big the nail is, except it's a galvanised type which is probably less than 2". Thirdly, every once in a while, across bumpy roads there is a knocking from the nearside right suspension (bushes I think).

Surely all of the above should have been picked up on during a routine MOT test, or am I expecting too much?

I realise an MOT test centre isn't a place where you get your car checked out for minor faults (if it's purely an MOT centre) but the above don't register as minor faults with me.

I'll be going to the dealers anyway, sans mot failure report.

  Totally-braindead 21:23 21 May 2007

I'll ask my mate if he comes round tonight as hes a mechanic.
If the light on the console was on when they did the MOT they certainly should have noticed it, whether that would fail the car I'm unsure.
The tyre could have gone unnoticed as I presume from what you say its embedded in the tyre. And the knocking in the suspension since its intermittant also might not have been noticed, if it didn't do it when it did the MOT and it appears to be ok you can't really expect them to strip the shocks and suspension to bits for an MOT.

I'm not making excuses for them though it might appear that I am, its just I'm trying to point out that its possible not to see a problem, such as the tyre and if the intermittant fault doesn't show itself when they do the MOT how are they to know theres anything wrong. Can't help wondering about the light for the airbag though.

  tullie 21:28 21 May 2007

I suppose the nail wasent visible when they checked the tread depth,and maybe knocking is only apparent if you take car for a drive,which i dont think they do these days

  De Marcus™ 21:33 21 May 2007

Thanks for the responses guys.

Totally-braindead, I'd really appreciate if you could ask your mate, it seems to me that too many 'things' were missed if you get my drift, the car in question is a BMW if that helps.

tullie, I guess the nail in the tyre (been there for a while, at least 3-5 months) could easily have been overlooked given they don't test drive anymore (I think) but the knocking would have surely shown a worn bush or seized shocker, wouldn't it?

  Totally-braindead 21:46 21 May 2007

Not necessarily with the knocking mate, you said yourself that the knocking only appears once in a while but if my mate turns up I'll certainly ask about MOTs and bushes etc as to be honest I'm not sure what exactly they do check now. Do they check the bushes/wheel bearings etc? I don't know.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:49 21 May 2007
  De Marcus™ 21:50 21 May 2007

Perhaps I'm lucky in that we have smooth roads for the best part where I live but the knocking is definetely present over what I call 'dimpled' roads.

So far as I know anyway, it is my wifes's car afterall. I drive it about once a week, to the carwash ;-)

  De Marcus™ 21:50 21 May 2007

Fantastic link wtm.

  mikef. 21:54 21 May 2007

For your information the MOT test list is here click here I have a similar problem with my air bag light and queried it before my MOT and was told as these are not compulsory safety equipment they are not checked, as can be seen in the list

  Totally-braindead 21:57 21 May 2007

De Marcus™ do we have anything in this country other than dimpled roads as you so quaintly put it. Every road I'm on is as bumpy as ......whatever.

  De Marcus™ 22:02 21 May 2007

Thanks for the link mikef (same as wtm's), it clears up somewhat my confusion over what I thought to be tested but actually isn't.

Still, off to the garage I march, these problems shouldn't exist in a motor younger than my daughter.....

TB, agreed, although I once drove a Citroen which simply didn't acknowledge them, cornering was atrocious though.

I think my grievances, whilst valid, don't substitute an MOT failure (at least until I've had a lo9ok through the links thoroughly.)

Thanks all, thread resolved.

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