Most of us probably use the @ symbol every day.

  Forum Editor 13:53 15 Jan 2018

It has become a very familiar aspect of our email connuications, but do you know it was first used around 700 years ago?

  BT 17:33 15 Jan 2018

Must be a quiet day @ the Office.☺

  Aitchbee 19:24 15 Jan 2018

Slightly related but I find the ampersand symbol [the one above the 7] fiendishly difficult to 'draw' free-hand as I always make a dog's breakfast of it. The @ symbol, on the other hand, is simple and a joy to write ... could probably do a line of them with my eyes shut.

  csqwared 20:16 15 Jan 2018

Always had that problem myself, can never get it to look right freehand. I seem to remember from my old printing days it's actually a ligature formed by 'e' and 't', the word 'et' (and) in latin.

  Archie44 18:35 25 Jan 2018

I couldn't write it properly when bookkeeping in the ledgers the old fashioned way Gone is the quill pen alas @ the old days

  canarieslover 20:08 25 Jan 2018

I'm waiting for Quickbeam to post "I'll get my @ then".

  Forum Editor 22:50 25 Jan 2018



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