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Most unexpected thing to happen in a film.

  Brumas 14:11 06 Jan 2019

Generally, once a week, I trawl through the old films on the ‘Talking Pictures channel’ and inevitably find some gems e.g. Ice Cold in Alex, Dunkirk, The League of Gentlemen etc.

I found this unusually titled “Once a Jolly Swagman” starring Dirk Bogarde, Thora Hird, Sid James and Bill Owen, about an aspiring speedway rider, set in London in the 50s (the actual speedway track being New Cross) I was therefore most surprised/gobsmacked when the crowd at the track all started singing ‘On Ilkla Moor Baht’ At - albeit rather poorly in a southern accent tha knaws ;o}}

As an aside, one of the sons was about to go over to Spain and fight in the International Brigade and he tells his poor, working class mum, “if anyone asks I have gone to France for the weekend”! Strewth, he couldn’t afford to go to Southend for the day never mind Spain for the duration!! Have any of you experienced anything similar in films, or indeed real life?

  Aitchbee 14:22 06 Jan 2019

I thought it rather odd when a young and rather groovy Cliff Richard appeared in concert [with strings] in a Thunderbirds Movie way back in the sixties; Lady Penelope was rather pleased.

  Aitchbee 14:24 06 Jan 2019
  Brumas 14:31 06 Jan 2019

Aitchbee, I'd forgotten that one old pal, thanks.

  Aitchbee 14:58 06 Jan 2019

Another pleasant surprise was to hear Pippin speak with a broad Glaswegian accent in the first LOTR movie. That made me chuckle.

  Brumas 15:04 06 Jan 2019

Aitchbee, aye, watching one version of Mowgli I was surprised all the animals had different regional accents - a bit off putting really!

  Quickbeam 15:38 06 Jan 2019

I recently watched the Lady Killers on that channel and had forgettdm how the twist at the end went and the old lady got to keep all the money!

I can't resist watching all these for the old street scenes.

  Quickbeam 15:44 06 Jan 2019

That was Cliff Richard Junior HB!

  Old Deuteronomy 15:53 06 Jan 2019

Most unexpected thing to happen in a film.

Actually be good/interesting/amusing enough to keep me awake all the way through.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:15 06 Jan 2019

Not unexpected for most people (the sinister change in music is a giveaway) but the family found this highly amusing :-

Watching Independence Day, front row of the cinema, missus tucking into a bag of Malteasers, Will Smith had captured the Alien and the scientist was examining it back at base when it grab him and slammed him up against the windows.

Missus jumped so much that the next three rows back were shower with malteasers :0)

  Brumas 18:53 06 Jan 2019

Quickbeam, I can't resist watching all these for the old street scenes., so do we.

I made the mistake of seeing the 'modern' version of The Ladykillers with Tom Hanks - big mistake!!

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