More of a question on IT practices?.

  spuds 13:01 11 Apr 2013

This is a question of curiosity more than anything else.

We are often and perhaps more so now, told that IT and perhaps transactions, communications on-line are the positive way forward to the future?.

Now over the past few months, I have personally noticed and possibly been involved with a few 'concerns' about this subject, and some of the questions and answers being furnished on this subject.

As examples of my own experiences: Being informed by a major global banking institution that they do not support Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but will only support Internet Explorer "because of their systems"?.

Being informed that "there is a known problem", but no time scale as been made for fixing it?.

Companies that request or state that you use their method of on-line customer care contact, and not your method of sending emails. I tend to find that trying to get print-outs, can be a serious problem when using companies own contact systems. Which might lead to a one sided affair in any later disputes?.

The lists can be endless and perhaps very alarming:

So what have you found, any of the examples of above or others that you would like to share. And what do you do or would do about it, perhaps making life more easier or a more of an adventure?.

  Forum Editor 13:10 11 Apr 2013

The simple fact is, like it or not, that our day to day lives are increasingly influenced by, or linked to the internet. There are lots of people who don't have anything to do with the internet, but they become fewer as each year passes; we are moving inexorably towards the time when we are a fully connected society.

In times past there were just as many irritations when dealing with retailers and large organisations, it's just that they were an accepted aspect of life - people were used to the fact that letters took days - sometimes weeks - to be answered, or that phone calls were not answered, or promises of call-backs not kept.

Because we use the internet we have slowly learnt that most things happen very rapidly - goods mostly arrive within a day or so, and emails are generally answered in a similar time frame. Obviously there are frustrations, but by and large I believe our lives have been enhanced by the internet, and by IT facilities in general.

  spuds 13:29 11 Apr 2013

Forum Editor

But what are your views, when say a global banking institution tells you that their systems do not support Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefoz, and they support neither?.

Or that a major establishment, states that you must use only their contact methods for a possible response?.

Surely, that's not the way of progress or enticement?.

  lotvic 15:10 11 Apr 2013

I think each company has to work out their best method of contact tailored to the type of security systems they have in place. Can't really expect any company to be able to guarantee security for every method of contact. Too much malware, spam and exploits about for that. What if someone's pc is infected (as many are) and sends infected spam to all in their address book? Would be a nightmare for companies that are on the receiving end.

  fourm member 15:22 11 Apr 2013

On the browser choice one, I assume their site security is only thought to be fully secure with one browser. For someone like a bank making website changes is very involved so they may not have fully tested other browsers, yet. But it is something I would expect them to be working on.

As for contact, I can fully understand that. Simple email is too insecure to accept that you are who you appear to be. You wouldn't want them to email your balance to you just because someone appearing to be spuds asked for it.

Of course, you would think there would be little harm in answering an email saying 'What are your Easter opening hours?' but somewhere between those two needs a judgement.

Rather than having staff make that judgement, the bank says 'we don't do email' and I think that is perfectly fine.

  wiz-king 15:25 11 Apr 2013

It is bound to happen, there are no up to date workable minimum standards for websites. Browser manufactures do their own thing to try and make their browser better, faster and more gimmicky (customer friendly).

So as a rule of thumb I keep one computer up to date and my spare one has older versions of browsers and Office programs in case I have this problem.

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