more older drivers caught on camera

  Chegs ®™ 11:07 15 Dec 2008

Older drivers are six times more likely to be fined for speeding than a decade ago,according to a new study.It also reveals that younger motorists have adapted far better to the increased use of speed cameras.

The number of older drivers caught maybe higher partly because,unlike a police officer,a speed camera has no discretion.A decade ago most speed enforcement was carried out by traffic police who would often give older drivers a verbal warning rather than a ticket.

The Department for Transport commissioned TRL(Transport Research Laboratory) to analyse the age of offenders in the periods 1997-99 & 2003-05.It found that the number of men aged 60 & over receiving penalty points for speeding increased by 540 per cent between those periods.Among women aged 60 and over there was a 1,200 per cent rise,though starting from a low base.

By contrast the number of drivers under 25 caught for speeding grew by only 18 per cent.

  oresome 12:02 15 Dec 2008

I've only ever been stopped once for speeding. I was seventeen at the time and was let off with a verbal warning to watch my speed in future. That was 43 years ago.

  Quickbeam 12:05 15 Dec 2008

Maybe the old adage 'Old dogs can't learn new tricks' is true...

  Chegs ®™ 12:06 15 Dec 2008

That made me smile mate,thanks.

  wee eddie 12:53 15 Dec 2008

More younger drivers have SatNavs and therefor get notice to slow down in time!

  TopCat® 13:01 15 Dec 2008

here's some statistics for my area on the use of the new average speed cameras. Seems the numbers caught speeding have dropped dramatically by their use, compared to fixed cameras. TC. click here

  carver 21:29 16 Dec 2008

They still have this old argument about speed kills and cameras can stop it, what a load of silly buggers. The reason is more like what wee eddie says

Speed is responsible for only 4% of accidents in this country.

  csqwared 21:37 16 Dec 2008

Actual speed is a contributory factor in *all* road collisions - if you aint moving, you won't hit anything!!

  DrScott 22:05 16 Dec 2008

Living is also a contributory factor in all deaths.

  carver 22:33 16 Dec 2008

Sorry have to disagree, my car has been hit 3 times while it's been parked.

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