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More and more adverts on this forum

  alanrwood 10:51 29 Dec 2019

I am really sorry to say but this site is becoming an excuse to show multiple adverts. They seem to be increasing penetration and trying to read a post is always distracted by videos alongside it pulling your eyes away from the text. I know that advertising is required to generate funds for the site but lately it has become just too intrusive and spoils the experience. I am sorry but I am now forced to employ uBlock Origin to stop the continual distraction.

Anyone else feeling this.

  x13 10:58 29 Dec 2019

It's been that way for a while so I'm using AdGuard.

Occasionally I switch it off and click on a few ads just to help somewhat.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:04 29 Dec 2019

have ended up with a collection of blockers to stop some of the intrusive videos. Adblock plus Ghostery and ublock

  Pine Man 11:20 29 Dec 2019

uBlock Origin used here and no adverts showing.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:30 29 Dec 2019

I have Adblock running including a LOT of custom blocks and Opera's own adblocker and, on some sites, Javascript turned off. I looked at this site with no blocking and it's nowhere as bad as Autocar can be. For Autocar on Opera I have all three measures in place, if I want to post on the site, or see all the pictures, I open it in Vivaldi where I allow everything, it's a complete mess.

NB, on some of those sites that put up an adblock warning that stops the site being viewed, turning off Javascript will allow you to bypass the warning.

  Brian Hamilton 14:40 29 Dec 2019
  BT 17:39 30 Dec 2019

MI find one of the worst sites for Ads is the Daily Mail site. You can't watch it with an adblocker turned on and its pretty impossible with it turned off.

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