More money for health care in the UK

  spuds 11:23 14 Nov 2014

It seems rather quiet again on the forum,so possibly a subject that involves us all might liven things up.

It would seem that the suggestion of using pharmacies more, is a thought in the governments head to take off the strain of the NHS. Its even suggested that £25 million being spent for wider access to a GP is also on the cards.

I am one of those who use the NHS more frequently nowadays, and in all fairness it seems to cope, but perhaps not like it should in some areas.

When GP's received extra funding, we the public were told that all kinds of improvements were going to be made, including practices taking on minor operations and being more accessible. With my own GP practice, they have just merged with another practice, adding further GP's on the staff roll. Yet while this particular practice is still taking on new patient's, they are constantly moving the boundaries further apart in making it easier for booking appointments suitable for all.

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  bumpkin 22:48 16 Nov 2014

Woolwell, I agree, you can't just turn them away with possible fatal consequences even if they are truly drunk as opposed to appearing so due to other causes. A&E staff do not have an easy time. Even if the police need to be called they cannot treat them or really remove them, restrain them perhaps but little else.

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