More money for health care in the UK

  spuds 11:23 14 Nov 2014

It seems rather quiet again on the forum,so possibly a subject that involves us all might liven things up.

It would seem that the suggestion of using pharmacies more, is a thought in the governments head to take off the strain of the NHS. Its even suggested that £25 million being spent for wider access to a GP is also on the cards.

I am one of those who use the NHS more frequently nowadays, and in all fairness it seems to cope, but perhaps not like it should in some areas.

When GP's received extra funding, we the public were told that all kinds of improvements were going to be made, including practices taking on minor operations and being more accessible. With my own GP practice, they have just merged with another practice, adding further GP's on the staff roll. Yet while this particular practice is still taking on new patient's, they are constantly moving the boundaries further apart in making it easier for booking appointments suitable for all.

What's your views on this or this particular article click here

  john bunyan 15:31 16 Nov 2014

"Just what would be classed as drunk, just more than driving limit, just under driving limit, or the same as me the other week when I had 2 pints and tripped over a loose kerbing"

Clearly you have not visited the A & E department of many inner city hospitals. There are people who are completely drunk and abusive - not the people you describe- there is a really obvious difference. This type of self abuse is different from the other issues that FE raises. That is why I think they should be warned that "one strike and you will be charged" is perfectly reasonable - or that they sign up to a course to wean them off, if dependant on alcohol. These people who are seen on the streets totally out of control on a regular basis are in a different category and should be treated as such. In some countries they are indeed charged, so why not here?

  morddwyd 15:44 16 Nov 2014

I can remember the family scraping together to see if they could get enough together to take me to the doctor when I was in some considerable distress as a small boy.

Any step in that direction is definitely the wrong direction.

  bumpkin 16:26 16 Nov 2014

There will always be anti social behaviour of one kind or another by some in the community. A solution we have yet to find if ever.

  bumpkin 16:36 16 Nov 2014

Has nobody here ever got drunk and made a nuisance of themselves, I know I have. The difference is that most people feel ashamed of themselves and do not make a habit of it whilst some just don't seem to care.

  carver 18:52 16 Nov 2014

Why is it that you consider drunks to be a target for money, take an obese person, that is any body who has a body mass more than 25.0.

These people cost the health service over £4 billion a year so why not target them.

My body mass is 24.2 so I'm OK.

So who on this forum can say hand on heart they have never been drunk and please do not say you have but didn't cause any trouble that's just from your viewpoint.

So who are you going to charge for NHS service, the drunk who is so bad he couldn't cause any trouble or the person who has had a drink but would be obnoxious and a trouble maker even without a drink

  spuds 19:21 16 Nov 2014


"So who are you going to charge for NHS service"

Now that's going to be a tall order. Perhaps we might consider those who are persistent offender's like me and many others, who never hardly used the NHS throughout our lives, yet in older age rely on it more often. I often joke with the GP's and hospital consultant's, that if I was an horse, they would have taken me out into a field long ago and would have shot me.

Or you could take the Forum Editor's list, and choose anyone he suggested. The problem nowadays, is that most young drunks or those that take 'recreation' drugs, actually boast about it, and see no harm in doing so.

The other month on television, there was a series of programs about sexual diseases,and an hospital with some of its regular clientele of patient's, who again were actually boasting in front of the camera about their exploits and regular activities that made them regular client's to the service.

  bumpkin 20:29 16 Nov 2014

Charging people for medical care that they could have possibly avoided does not address the root cause of the problem for which there seems no easy solution.

  bumpkin 20:44 16 Nov 2014

I deplore drunken aggresive behaviour as do most of us. Let me pose a question though. An agressive drunk goes to A&E with a serious head injury, what are they supposed to do?

  Aitchbee 21:01 16 Nov 2014

Colchester drunks are at particular risk according to this.

click here

  bumpkin 21:10 16 Nov 2014

Bad management, no surprise there.

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