More JOBS go..!!!!

  LastStarFighter 11:39 11 Jan 2008

click here


click here

both within a day of each other.

  dagbladet 12:25 11 Jan 2008

Give us a clue. Old steam driven work computer on dial-up and restricted access here.

  anskyber 12:29 11 Jan 2008

Your point being?

  LastStarFighter 12:31 11 Jan 2008

Maybe the start to a recession..?
plenty think theres one "In the post"

  oresome 12:45 11 Jan 2008

I started a thread some time ago querying if the good times were over. Not very sensitive of me just before Christmas!

I think we are in for a rough year with many companies announcing falling profits and looking for ways to reduce their expenditure.

Home catalogue shopping belongs to another era though and more jobs will have been generated through internet retailers. I admit not much consolation to those being made redundant at Empire.

  dagbladet 13:17 11 Jan 2008

Cheers fm.

  anskyber 13:21 11 Jan 2008

Thank you for taking the time to explain what should have been obvious, I could not bring myself to spending the time.

  interzone55 14:03 11 Jan 2008

Very well explained.

A lot of market fluctuations are caused by stock market traders over-reacting.

Take the recent panic over $100 oil. This was caused by one trade of 1000 barrels to a trader who instantly sold them for $99.40. He lost $600 instantly, but gets to tell his grandchildren that he was the first person to pay $100 a barrel for oil.

There's a famous story (possibly apocryphal) about the drop in M&S share price in 2000, this was down to Prudential selling all their shares in M&S because one traders wife had received bad service in one of their stores, this lead to panic as more & more funds dumped their M&S shares.

Notice that once again M&S shares have dipped in the last couple of days because they'll only be making £1bn profit this year...

  skeletal 14:47 11 Jan 2008

It does not matter whether people understand English or not. It is a matter of fact that:

Some well known share prices have halved (and more) over recent weeks;
In some parts of the country, house prices have fallen/are falling (not rate of change of increase falling);
Some companies are laying off staff;
Business confidence is falling;
Retailers are all saying “The end is nigh”;
It is pitch black, and ****ing down outside and I feel very gloomy!!

Now, whether this is the start of a recession or not, is a completely different matter, but some of these factors, by becoming a self fulfilling prophecy, can lead to recession.

It is ironic that the house price falls lead to such gloom because they are far too overpriced anyway. For me, with children who would like their own place but can’t afford the deposit on a cardboard box, house price falls are brilliant!


  oresome 15:16 11 Jan 2008

I think house prices are so closely tied to the economy because so many people remortgage and borrow on the strength of house price increases.

This money then finds it's way into retailers tills. Should house price rises stall and people default on mortgage repayments due to job losses and generally spend less the whole lot quickly falls like a pack of cards.

The M&S "dip" which amounted to a 20% share price fall encouraged Rose to purchase another £1m of shares, demonstrating his confidence in the continued wellbeing of the company. But then he would wouldn't he.

  skeletal 16:15 11 Jan 2008

“People with an agenda will take one figure about a particular area and use that to pretend that is the general situation. That leads to panic which leads to rumour becoming fact.”

I agree.

Also, the house price stuff is similar to the gloom and doom from the retailers (i.e. who do you believe?). During Christmas and the new year, Mrs Skeletal was off to the sales and told me every shop was heaving.

I ordered some stuff myself and was promised delivery yesterday; yesterday came and no delivery. I rang to complain and was on hold for half an hour listening to the usual guff about customer (dis)service, but included was something along the lines of “we are very sorry but due to the high level of orders there are delays”. After finally getting through, the girl told me my order would not come for another two weeks because they are so busy (nice of them to let me know).

So, shops are full to bursting and I can’t get my stuff because they are so busy, yet as mentioned earlier, retailers’ shares are plummeting because of falling sales (one of them is yielding an incredible 15%!!).


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