More hearts and minds to be won....

  Seth Haniel 14:09 06 Aug 2008

This saturday
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The freely-available Climate Camp handbook predicts that a group of demonstrators will approach the power station "looking for weak points in the perimeter fence." It adds: "When the time is right, they will move together, streaming into the power station to shut it down."

"While we completely respect the protesters' right to campaign peacefully, what is not acceptable are their plans to invade the power station.

"Power stations are not adventure playgrounds, and if anyone does get in they will be putting their safety, and the safety of our workers, at risk."

  crosstrainer 14:37 06 Aug 2008

Power stations are indeed not places of adventure (unless you wish to die) Attempting to shut one down is fraught with danger, and will not have any impact on the political Global Warming attitude.

Protest peacefully by all means, but burning themselves to a crisp in vain is insanity.

  Cymro. 14:45 06 Aug 2008

These people are self confessed anarchists of the most extreme kind. The sort of world that they would have us all live in would be completely unacceptable to the vast majority of us.

There are problems with the environment that badly need finding an answer to, but to go down the road that these people advocate would in the end just lead us to some sort of false utopia that would be even more unsustainable as anything we have now.

  €dstowe 14:52 06 Aug 2008


Do they think their laptops, Lonsdale sweaters, solar panels, the cloth their tents are made from, etc., etc. were fashioned out of fresh air?

  Forum Editor 18:02 06 Aug 2008

"If the law protects the right of industries to destroy the planet, then it is up to people like us to prevent that - even if it means breaking the law."

It always amuses me how a certain kind of protester thinks that he/she knows more than the rest of us about these issues, and is therefore in some way 'better' at protecting what is valuable to us all. You get this attitude all the time - a few self-appointed guardians of the planet believe they have an insight that the rest of us are too stupid to understand.

I sincerely hope that their stupid plan to 'stream into the power station and shut it down' is thwarted, thus saving them from possible injury or death as a result of their own idiotic actions.

  Seth Haniel 19:41 06 Aug 2008

Hear Hear ;)

  Seth Haniel 14:16 07 Aug 2008

The Camp boast that no CO2-producing fossil fuel energy is used to make electricity on the site.

A total of 18 solar panel arrays, plus a wind turbine, is supposed to take care of all the camp's power needs - the dozen laptops in the media tent; the PA system in the main meeting tent and mobile phone chargers.

But when the sun fails - as it did on this day - so the power drops. Signs appeared in the media tent informing that the camp was on "red" status - meaning that the laptops and other electrical devices could not be used.

It neatly encapsulated Britain's future energy dilemma - do we rely totally on renewable energy sources and risk the lights going off when the sun goes in or winds and waves fail?

Could ship them all over to protest in Geneva on Saturday ;)

pity the poor residents at Kingsnorth area who's property and cars will suffer the brunt on Saturday (as witnessed in G8 summits etc,.)

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