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  Covergirl 21:30 27 Jun 2008

Is this where the Tax on our petrol goes ?

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It could be part of the way towards it I reckon.

Maybe if it cost less to run the government, all our expenses might be a bit less ?

  ronalddonald 21:55 27 Jun 2008

should be brought to MP's who fail in their duty, and fail to declare their income and fail to to be honest. Its odd how joe public get inot trouble yet MP's dont. MP's should spend time in jail, not fined.

  laurie53 09:19 28 Jun 2008

We put them there so if we don't like what they're doing we should remove them, but come the next election and the same voters will pick from the same bunch of candidates, albeit maybe picking a different one.

  g0nvs 09:37 28 Jun 2008

The term "Gravy Train" springs to mind.

  Sapins 10:56 28 Jun 2008

Words fail me.

  Forum Editor 11:01 28 Jun 2008

What do you mean by that? If you're asking whether petrol duty helps to pay for MPs' salaries then yes, it does. It also helps to pay for Civil service salaries, and hospitals, and schools, and the courts ....the list goes on.

All money flowing into the exchequer is used to pay for running the country. I'm not quite sure why you singled out MPs particularly. They, like everyone else in life, have to be paid, and if you're not happy with petrol duties contributing to those salaries perhaps you would like to explain why.

Sometimes it's a good idea to stand back and take a look at how our MPs' salaries and perks compare to those in other countries. French MPs (called /Députée) are paid less than ours, but they receive substantial perks - they can get mortgages at very low interest rates, for instance, and their public service years are doubled when it comes to calculating pensions - serve as a Député for ten years and your pension is calculate as if you had worked for twenty.

Both German and Italian MPs are paid more than ours - In Italy they get a huge amount more.

  Cymro. 12:08 28 Jun 2008

Whatever our MPs are they are hopeless at their own P.R. as allowing themselves to vote on their own wage rise is just asking for trouble. It just looks very bad to the public and certain newspapers are only too glad to point it out to it`s readers. Mind you Fleet Street journalists always looked out for their own expenses as I am sure FE as a journo. himself would confirm.

I doubt very much if British politicians are any worse than others across the world and are probably a lot better than some. They do say that we get the government we deserve, well that starts with choosing our M.P. So remember the next time they come knocking at your door to ask you to vote for them don`t hide behind the curtain but get out there and ask them some difficult questions and only if you are satisfied with their answers do you vote for them.

  laurie53 20:28 28 Jun 2008

It's a nice idea, Cymro, but in reality in many constituencies the MP is chosen by the local party selection committee, who might just be half a dozen long serving members of the local party, and by the time you get to see him/her, if at all, it's all cut and dried.

I remember it always used to be said that in the Rhondda a donkey could win, as long as it was a Labour Party approved donkey, and I'm sure the same could be said about some true blue Tory areas.

  Cymro. 10:17 29 Jun 2008

"I remember it always used to be said that in the Rhondda a donkey could win, as long as it was a Labour Party approved donkey, and I'm sure the same could be said about some true blue Tory areas".

Yes sadly very true laurie53 and that may well be one of the reasons for so much public dissatisfaction with our politicians these days.

  Forum Editor 10:28 29 Jun 2008

for selecting candidates may not be perfect, but it's a lot better than the system it replaced, which was based on patronage.

The point is, local party committees select from the candidates available - it's up to individuals to decide that they want to be an MP. I can't think of a better system and neither, presumably, can anyone else.

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