More Data Lost

  peter99co 21:14 06 Sep 2008

Prison Staff Details Lost

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  anskyber 21:15 06 Sep 2008

Hmm, yeh.

  €dstowe 21:56 06 Sep 2008

"lost by a private firm EDS as long ago as July 2007."

Why has this only just been revealed?

  laurie53 09:51 07 Sep 2008

That's what Jack Straw wants to know!

  Forum Editor 10:21 07 Sep 2008

Well, at the risk of stating the obvious I imagine it is because someone wanted to cover it up. It's a human reaction to many such problems, and I don't think we need to be getting all outraged and indignant about that aspect of it.

The real problem isn't that someone hoped it wouldn't be noticed, but that it happened in the first place. The loss was the responsibility of a private company, and no doubt there'll be a fuss over it. Ministers have wasted no time in trumpeting their anger/shock/dismay etc., hoping that we'll all fall for the excuse that it was a private company's fault. Opposition speakers have also wasted no time in jumping on the condemnation bandwagon.

The truth is that the blame is entirely to be laid at the government's door - the Justice ministry is responsible for the prison service, and for the security of data within and about that service. Jack Straw may well be angry and thirsty for vengeance, but he's the Secretary of State responsible, and he's the one who should have ensured that this couldn't happen.

  jack 10:23 07 Sep 2008

But I think it is not 'new news' is it?
I know we have has a plethora of 'Lost Data' stories of late - but the Prison Staff one seems familiar .

  Forum Editor 10:25 07 Sep 2008

It sounds familiar because there was a similar loss quite recently. On that occasion it was personal about prisoners that were lost. This time it's the turn of the prison officers.

  peter99co 12:27 07 Sep 2008

If there is a gold standard way of moving and keeping our data about, what is it and why is it not in universal use. Does the Government use a Gold Standard? Or does it allow departments/ministries set-up their own system?

The number of ways the data is being lost and the number of Ministries involved seems to show total chaos of data control standards

  laurie53 12:30 07 Sep 2008

You're quite right, of course.

Jack Straw is simply on the old fall back that the best form of defence is attack.

(I really shouldn't have had to add that particular spelling of "defence" to my dictionary should I, but that's another thread!)

  Newuser38 12:35 07 Sep 2008

I had the impression that the disc was last used in Jul 2007 and found missing this July when it was needed.

EDS have of course reduced staff numbers I believe in the last year.

That is no excuse there should be systems which mean that this sort of thing does not happen, but !!

  peter99co 13:05 07 Sep 2008

The Romans used to carry secret data around which involved a baton and a strip of paper and the data was only readable by having a baton of the correct size.

If data is to be protected then perhaps the answer is to divide it onto two devices and if one is lost the data is of no use. Only by bringing the two devices together would the data be readable.

I know passwords and scrambling the data is the normal system but half the data without the other half could be another way of making it unusable.

Has this lateral thinking idea any merit?

One drawback could be the stupid buggers would probably keep both devices in the same place.

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