More children having teeth out

  Cymro. 11:49 13 Jan 2018

BBC link

What is it with today's parents that they let their children's teeth get in to such a state that the kids all too often need to have teeth extracted at an ever younger age?

  oresome 15:11 13 Jan 2018

I'm not excusing the figures, but for context they should be related to the number of children in the population, which may or not have risen during the period compared.

  bumpkin 16:16 13 Jan 2018

Too much money, too many sweets, too many fizzy drinks, too much convenience food, too many lazy parents for examples. A sign of the times.

  Aitchbee 21:18 13 Jan 2018

I did not know that it was best not to rinse out with water after brushing teeth with fluoride toothepaste but just to spit it out and thus give the fluoride in the toothepaste maximum time to do whatever it does to protect teeth against decay.

  bumpkin 14:46 14 Jan 2018

Makes sense HB, never thought of that either.

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