Moral Dilemma

  BigAl127 17:39 19 Aug 2007

I've been playing in a charity darts competition today.

Raffle tickets were sold in aid of the charity.
Several books of tickets were sold. With 10 prizes up for grabs.

At draw time, after the first 5 prizes had been claimed certain people queried as to whether the correct numbers had been entered into the random number generator machine. It transpired that the end number had in fact been entered incorrectly, meaning at least 90 numbers were NOT in the draw.

What do you think should've happened in this scenario?

  DieSse 17:52 19 Aug 2007

As it was a charity event, where the prime function was raising money, not getting prizes - I think the ticket holders should accept what happened as a genuine mistake, and with good grace.

  Forum Editor 18:03 19 Aug 2007

And I agree.

  BigAl127 18:13 19 Aug 2007

After the realisation of the error, the ending number was corrected on the machine.

It then transpires after the completion of the raffle, that because the machine wasn't powered off then on again, the change of ending number had no effect. Therefore the 90 numbers were never in the draw.

Do you still feel the same way?

  BigAl127 18:16 19 Aug 2007

Bearing in mind the majority of those people who had the unwinnable tickets (and though it has no effect on the first outcome), they had also paid to enter the darts competion as well.

  Forum Editor 18:19 19 Aug 2007

Technically there was a breach of the lotteries act. All raffles have to comply, and this one didn't, because of a human error.

If anyone made an official complaint the draw would be declared void, all ticket monies would have to be refunded, and prizes returned - the charity would make nothing.

My view however, is that everyone involved would agree that people don't enter charity raffles solely with a view to winning prizes, and there would be a consensus - the situation should stand.

  WhiteTruckMan 18:27 19 Aug 2007

I would have offered to run it again with the full complement of numbers, and if any of the previously ommitted numbers came up then I would have refunded the ticket price, just as a goodwill gesture.


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