Monster to lose his freedom forever

  Jak_1 21:21 28 Apr 2008

The horrific story unfolds of how 73 year old Josef Fritzl imprisoned his own daughter in a cellar for 24 years to a life of sexual abuse. Three of the children fathered by this ogre had never even seen the light of day.
What that poor girl and her children have had to put up with beggars belief. The mental scars they will carry for the rest of their lives is unimaginagble. When I read about this in the morning paper I could only sit their indisbelief that something as horrific as this could happen in the late 20th/21st centuries undetected.
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  Brumas 22:30 28 Apr 2008

"His wife, Rosemarie, with whom he had seven of their own children, appears to have been unaware of the alleged crimes"
That excuse sounds rather familiar - didn't the people who lived near the concentration camps during the second world war say the same?
I really do not care what happens to him,I hope he rots in Hell, I just feel really,really sorry for his victims - will they ever recover mentally?

  bluto1 00:30 29 Apr 2008

That creature has no human rights left. I'd like to help him rot.

  Koochy 13:14 29 Apr 2008

That thing that was once maybe called a human is just an oxygen thief and should be removed from society - i would gladly help prevent him stealing anymore of the precious gas that a human requires to live.

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