Monitors - "real" costs

  Sir Radfordin 14:05 22 Jul 2006

Does anyone have any evidence to support a view that TFT monitors cost less to run than CRT monitors and as they also generate less heat are better for the office environment?

Was talking to someone this morning who said he'd just replaced 50 CRT with TFT and as it was cheaper than fixing the air con. Is this just a myth or is the some proper evidence to support this?

I remember several years ago something in the IT press about TFTs recovering the cost over 3 years because of the cheaper running costs...but can't find anything to support this argument now.

  johndrew 14:22 22 Jul 2006

They certainly use less power = less cost & less heat generated.

They were (still are?) more expensive than CRT monitors.

Whether a large scale replacement would be cheaper than repairing the air conditioning .......?

  Forum Editor 15:12 22 Jul 2006

on running costs, but I know for a fact that in my own office, which has twelve TFT monitors, we've noticed a considerable reduction in heat output, compared to our old CRT models. Presumably that means less power is being used.

  DieSse 16:36 22 Jul 2006

A quick look at at a small selection of 17" monitors tells me

CRT - av power consumption 70W

TFT - av power consumption 40W

The sums are pretty easy

50 monitors at a saving of 30W is 1500W - that's not very much interms of air-conditioning an office!

or - over a year, for a monitor, at say 8hrs a day for 5 days a week at 52 weeks a year is 62,400W, or in round terms 62kWhr. I don't know UK leccy prices, but you can do the sums and see if it makes sense.

In Spain mines 8.5c per kWh = about 5.50€ a year - nowhere near enough to make up for the actual money spent!

No doubt someone will let me know if I've blundered badly!

  DieSse 16:40 22 Jul 2006

And bear in mind, in purely cost terms - in the winter CRTs will lessen the heating load.

So I would guess in just heating/cooling terms the overall effect over a year is close to neutral - if anything perhaps a tad in favour of CRTs.

I running costs the TFTs win - but not by much in actual cost terms.

  freaky 18:36 22 Jul 2006

The main advantage of a TFT compared to a CRT apart from using 43% less power, is that they take up far less space. They also weigh a lot less, have you tried to carry a 19" CRT recently !

Another factor is TFT's have made screen savers completely redundant, hence the rise in unemployment!

  Sir Radfordin 19:15 22 Jul 2006


freaky - whilst you are right they take up less space and weigh less this is rarely a big advantage in lots of offices. The L shaped desk frequently used means that anyone with a flat screen tends to bring it forward as they find putting it at the back too hard to see! Where I work monitors are also sat on top of PCs so no space saving to be had their either.

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