Monitors and eye sight question.

  bumpkin 13:38 15 Feb 2017

I bought a new 32" monitor a few months back, previously had a 22". It may be co-incidence but my eyes don't feel right for want of a better description since getting it.

It is on my desk and I sit about 3ft from the screen. I only use reading glasses for small print on paper nothing else. Any comments apart from getting my eyes tested which I need to do anyway.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:42 15 Feb 2017

I would suggest you either need to set the monitor a bit closer or, like me, get a pair of single vision glasses just for the computer. I have a 32" 2560x1440 monitor and, with the glasses it is fine for me, I do sit closer than you do.

  Quickbeam 16:22 15 Feb 2017

Get the optician to prescribe lenses that are optimismed for what's a comfortable distance for. Your working distance.

  bumpkin 16:32 15 Feb 2017

Thanks, I thought 3ft away was too close. I have not heard of single vision glasses for computers. I have booked an appointment now so any feed back I get from here is helpful as the last time I remember having a test was as a teenager. I would imagine things have changed quite a bit.

  wee eddie 16:36 15 Feb 2017

Many years ago I did what Quickbeam advises.

When I had my annual check-up, I asked my Optician to prepare me a set of Glasses that focused at slightly more than arms length from my head and using the cheapest frames available.

I think that they cost about £40 and are still in service more than 10 years later, although I might change them this year

  Quickbeam 16:53 15 Feb 2017

I like to be 2 feet from a screen.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 15 Feb 2017

24" monitor, I use an old pair of reading glasses when using the PC, sit approx one metre away.

  bumpkin 19:28 15 Feb 2017

Interesting replies from all. I can see it perfectly from 3ft or less but at 6ft it's getting blurry. The reason I asked here was to get some ideas as to what to explain to the optician rather than just say an eye test. Your comments have been helpful.

  morddwyd 20:09 15 Feb 2017

Just a word of caution. Opticians are in business to sell sight correction devices at a very good mark up!

I know from my time in health and safety that very few, very very few, people need special glasses for VDU work.

Out of all the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of workstation assessments I did in the whole of my career I only ever came across two cases. Chair position (not just VDU position is critical. An inch or so too high, or too low, or to one aide and your neck muscles will automatically compensate, and your spinal cord, and the blood supply to the brain, will start to show effects.

  bumpkin 21:19 15 Feb 2017

* Opticians are in business to sell sight correction devices at a very good mark up!*

I accept that and when eyesight is concerned money does not enter the equation. I have chosen a local private family run opticians est. many years rather than a chemist or one size fits all chain. Your comments on workstations are also something to consider. I was reluctant to post here on this subject to start with but now glad I did.

  lotvic 23:40 15 Feb 2017

Had my new prescription done last week. I'm going in to collect my pc glasses, focus length 2'. Been managing with bifocals but not good, feel as if I'm going cross-eyed and have to keep one eye shut or text is all over the place. These new ones seem to have a reading focus of 10" which is too near so not happy with them.

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