Monday’s Identification Longshot and Talking Point, R.I.P.

  Brumas 10:39 07 Mar 2013

I Include an email from FE which is self explanatory!

Hi Brumas,

I regret to say that I'm receiving complaints about the number of talking points you are posting.  Quite a few people have emailed me to say that they think there are far too many of your threads on the forum at any one time, and that they are only appealing to the same small group of contributors.

The complaints have been too numerous for me to ignore I''m afraid, so with regret I must now ask that with immediate effect you only post on a Friday night, and restrict the number of threads to four a week. I'm sure you'll understand, and that I can count on your cooperation.

Best regards,


  Quickbeam 10:46 07 Mar 2013

What rotters!

  Bing.alau 10:50 07 Mar 2013

Maybe the "Quite a few people" should have been bold enough to e-mail you yourself Brumas?

There was a dearth of posts on Monday's forum as usual so what are they complaining about. Do they just want nothing at all?

Maybe they should try to contribute by posting something different that they like to talk about?

It seems to me that the same small group of contributors are the same ones who keep the threads going and the forum alive.

I for one am appalled and disgusted with this result. I think there may be others who feel the same.

So come on "Quite a few people" make yourselves known and contribute.

  Quickbeam 10:55 07 Mar 2013

Bingalau's quite right, 3 years ago there was a dozen new posts a day. If you want more traffic on this forum post it!

  Forum Editor 11:20 07 Mar 2013


"Maybe the "Quite a few people" should have been bold enough to e-mail you yourself Brumas?"

How could they have possibly done that?

I have to make decisions that are in the interests of our site visitors as a whole, and those decisions aren't always easy.

I do hope that we will not see a spate of unpleasant posts about this. There will still be Friday night talking points, which was the norm until a week ago, so all we're doing is going back to how things were. Brumas himself has admitted to me that one night a week of these talking points is more than enough for him.

  Bing.alau 11:42 07 Mar 2013

Didn't there used to be a facility on here for e-mailing members? I seem to remember getting in touch with Brumas and Macscsouse that way.Mmaybe I am wrong because it was a good while ago. But anyway these people could have voiced their opinions on this forum instead of being anonymous.

I don't think my post is, or was unpleasant. If it was, then I apologise.

I agree that I also thought Brumas might be overdoing it a bit, but he wasn't brow beaten in to putting on a Monday night Postcard extra. Now though it seems he will be restricted to only four puzzles per week. What on Earth will jock1e and john bunyan find to pass away the time. For myself I am too tired by 9.00 p.m. to even look and so wait until the Saturday morning to catch up. I like looking at old postcards anyway.

But there are going to be some unhappy bunnies on here who like these puzzles.

  spuds 12:05 07 Mar 2013

In fear of being slapped on the wrist again, it does appear that the Forum Editor receives quite a number of complaints about how people post. Perhaps the good intentions by some are a disappointment for others.

If that is the case, then perhaps those that complain, could use Speakers Corner to vent their spleen, and perhaps by doing so, might contribute more, in a useful manner?.

Bing.alau- You are correct, there was an email facility, but apparently this was stopped due to abuse!.

  Forum Editor 12:22 07 Mar 2013

The whole point about someone like me is that people can contact me off-forum to voice concerns and express opinions.

Why might they do that? Well, one reason might be because they know that they'll be subjected to unpleasant comments if they published them in the forum. People who have been around for a long time sometimes forget that to someone who is relatively new this area of the forum can seem slightly intimidating, especially if there's a 'club' atmosphere.

If we want new blood in the forum we have to engender an atmosphere in which newcomers will feel comfortable, and chivvying people to complain in public, rather than contacting me privately isn't the way to do that.

  Quickbeam 12:24 07 Mar 2013

Well I did warm Brumas of the consequences of over exposure by being in the public's face too much...

  Aitchbee 12:41 07 Mar 2013

Last Monday's 'pilot' was worth having a go, but like so many things in life ... it's best not to overdo it. Friday nights only is great.

  Woolwell 12:45 07 Mar 2013

Quickbeam : It was that boring bus station.

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