Monday - The Charities Lottery

  Totally-braindead 10:30 09 May 2006

Well the first game is past and I won. 3 numbers £13. I've asked them about this as it says £15 on the website but perhaps thats for the first draw or something. They have 2 draws and I won on the second.
I've been doing the National Lottery "Lotto" for about 7 years now and have only won twice, £10 in each case.
Almost certainly a fluke me winning like this but makes me think theres more point in playing.

Now what will I spend my winnings on? Perhaps a cruise up the nile?

  spuds 10:48 09 May 2006

As it is all done on-line, how do you get paid. And will this cover the credit card surcharge, which another forum member seemed to have been charged!.

  Totally-braindead 10:56 09 May 2006

Ah now thats interesting spuds and that might explain it. Can you give me a link to the thread where the person mentions being charged?
Regarding how you get paid the money goes into your account and you get it out by the same process you put it in. The minimum is £5.
So I paid in £5 using a Credit Card and used £1 leaving a balance of £4. I won £13 and now have a balance of £17. I can get the money out just by reqesting it, as long as its a minimum of £5, and the money is then transferred to my Credit Card. So I could stop now if I wish and just take the £17 out.
The £15 bit I mention was I looked at the "how much can I win" and it does say 3 numbers £15 but I only got credited by £13. I'm just a bit confused at that and am wondering if I've misread it or something.

  spuds 11:20 09 May 2006

Re credit cards click here

  Totally-braindead 12:09 09 May 2006

Thanks for that spuds. Absolute $%&####" if that is the case, but I'll wait and see what the lottery lot say as they only credited my account with £13 so it looks to me as if the card company has not classified this as a cash advance.

  Curio 14:26 09 May 2006

Pleased to see you won - I didn't! :o((

  pj123 16:21 09 May 2006

The first time I played Daily Play using Lucky Dip I won £30. This was credited to My Account as £30.

The Charities Lottery, is this part of Camelot? I can't see any reference to it on their website?

I have run a Syndicate for the National Lottery and have done since the first draw in November 1994. We have had 3 payouts and our kitty as of today still stands at £2,100.

  Totally-braindead 17:21 09 May 2006

They are nothing to do with Camelot I believe, they donate much more to charity though and you get a choice as to who gets your money, 5 different charities each week and you choose who gets your cash.

The final straw for me was Camelot giving money to Man Utd who have to be one of the better off football clubs when there are so many worthy causes not meeting the criteria for getting a grant. I thought it was really pathetic. The lottery should have gone to Branson who was offering to run it at cost as he would get the advertising for nothing. But no they awarded it to Camelot instead.

  pj123 17:59 09 May 2006

So, Totally-braindead do you have a link to the Charities Lottery. I agree with you, at least Richard Branson said he would run it for free.

  SG Atlantis® 18:33 09 May 2006

I'd like to play but the site says according to the law they can't offer it to NI or channel islands.

How come we can play the normal lotto then?

  Curio 18:46 09 May 2006

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