Mollie Sugden.

  ulrich 19:55 01 Jul 2009

Died today well known for her part in Are you being served?

Hopefully she will receive the same acclaim as Mr Jackson.

Probably not.

  ulrich 20:57 01 Jul 2009

I was correct.

  Bingalau 21:20 01 Jul 2009

Poor Farrah Fawcett got the same treatment. The brush off. Just for a wierdo... terrible!

  2bathred 21:21 01 Jul 2009

She will be remembered but only by a few of us here in GB.
She is probably 'stroking her pussy' in the heavenly branch of Grace Brothers.

  lotvic 23:28 01 Jul 2009

A jolly good actress. I always enjoyed anything she was in.

  Stuartli 00:18 02 Jul 2009

I think you will find that a very large number of the British public will be saddened by the death of Mollie Sugden.

It's only a short time ago, of course, that one of her co-stars in Are You Being Served? Wendy Richards, also passed away.

  Forum Editor 00:21 02 Jul 2009

as Mr Jackson"

I'm sure she will be much missed, but why should she receive the same acclaim as a person who was an internationally known singer?

  Forum Editor 00:24 02 Jul 2009

Farah Fawcett wasn't 'poor', and I don't know how you worked out that she got the brush off. It's a little silly to expect everyone to feel the same about everyone who dies, isn't it?

  Quickbeam 00:45 02 Jul 2009

to go dying off folks... you'll just be completely overshadowed and quickly forgotten.

  crosstrainer 01:22 02 Jul 2009

People die. It's a fact, and it touches us all one way or another, be it a loved one, family member, close fiend, or others.

I speak from personal experience when I say that when my wife passed away at the age of 45, I was lost.

No not lost just empty, devastated. I'm sure that Acclaim is the last thing anyone needs when a partner or close friend passes away.

  Quickbeam 07:52 02 Jul 2009

I was of course referring to the funeral of the millennium that will take place on Sunday. A cheap jibe freely admitted.

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