Mohammed Al Fayed sells Harrods!

  Uboat 10:30 08 May 2010

Wow i wonder why he would sell such a profitable business.?

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:38 08 May 2010

'Wow i wonder why he would sell such a profitable business.?'....he is 77 years old - perhaps a clue there.


  michaelw 10:41 08 May 2010

He's only made a £885 million profit in 25 years! He should have bartered for more.

  Forum Editor 10:44 08 May 2010

a cheque for £1.5 billion. He doesn't have to give another thought to profitable business for the rest of his life.

  Forum Editor 10:54 08 May 2010

In 25 years he has made many millions out of Harrods. The sale price is simply the (very thick) icing on the cake.

His family has taken around £175 million from the business in the past five years alone,and £113 million in the four years before that. Last year Mohammed had a £74 million dividend all to himself.

We're talking about a seriously rich individual.

  Uboat 11:29 08 May 2010

GANDALF age doesnt mean they want to stop earning or is a fine and dandy example

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:41 08 May 2010

He has collected £squillions over the years in divi payments from what is effectively a corner shop. He has still not been 'accepted' by The Establishment in spite of what could be considered as a time-consuming but singularly heroic effort over the years. He was offered a shed load of money (aka £1.5 billion) to trouser in his capacious pockets. He has remaining 'issues' over the death of his son. He is 77 and I have to say, looking a bit ragged around the edges.
I think it's pretty clear that I do not need rare examples of old fossils clinging grimly onto their earthly spoils whilst awaiting the call of The Grim Reaper.


  Uboat 12:08 08 May 2010

Gandalf lol tru tru! :-)

  jakimo 12:41 08 May 2010

He`s probably woken up to the fact that at 77 he will never get a British passport,be excepted by British society,or become a lord..the only title he will have is being the richest man in the cemetery,so he`s wisely decided to sit back and live his life out by enjoying his family and pet Fulham Football Team

  Legolas 14:16 08 May 2010

When I worked in London I took a stroll through some of the store. I was very tempted by the Baby Grand Piano at £26,000 but they didn't have a Harrods bag big enough to put it in and I really only wanted the bag, bit of a status symbol a Harrods bag ;)))

  sunnystaines 14:40 08 May 2010

it was much better before he bought it out, perhaps the new owner will clean up all that tacky egyption stuff.

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