Is modern technology to far advanced?.

  spuds 12:38 20 Oct 2014

Perhaps some of the forum member's are like me, and can recall the days of far less electronics and the like. For example, most vehicles were fairly easy to fix and didn't need expensive diagnostic equipment. In most cases a simple starting button was all that was required to start an engine, and this was phased out when more modern technology came into being, and these practices were regarded as redundant.

Yet looking around some garage showrooms recently, I was rather amazed, that some vehicles are using methods that were once regarded as obsolete, and the re-introduction of a starting button is perhaps one example.

Whats your views, are the old ideas still the best, or is life becoming more complicated. Link to America's views. (On the opening page, you might need to click a continue tab to open the page window) click here

  BT 12:59 20 Oct 2014

Yes, but the Starting Button on a Modern car still needs a key or some sort of electronic device to activate the system. The button just does away with turning the key to start.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:17 20 Oct 2014

Start Button ???

I thought it was Auto Stop Start nowadays to help with fuel economy :0)

  john bunyan 14:03 20 Oct 2014

I remember the starting handle on my MG TC; The twin Weber downdraught carburettors that needed the needle valves adjusting; the fuel pump where you could change the diaphragm ; the Bendix starter motor that you could repair; Points that needed cleaning;etc

  Menzie 15:46 20 Oct 2014

The start button is meant to provide that racing car feel, it seems pointless to me having to put a key in and then pressing a button any way.

Also don't truly understand the start stop feature. Don't cars use more fuel starting up than idling? What happens when the vehicle gets older and therefore more difficult to start or if the battery goes flat and it needs to remain running?

  carver 17:41 20 Oct 2014

You just sound like my dad when I was about 18-20 years old, I can still here him going on about these new fangled things, like 8 track and then going on about them fancy phones, never catch on he said.

Another person I can still recall telling me in the early 70's that those fancy ceramic cutting tips are a waste of time, nothing wrong with high speed steel.

Don't moan about technology, without it a bog standard (model t spec) car would cost you about £30 grand.

  Forum Editor 18:43 20 Oct 2014

I don't see how technology can be too far advanced - surely the more advanced it is the better?

As for "are the old ideas still the best, or is life becoming more complicated." the answers are 'sometimes' and 'in some ways, yes'.

Those answers have always been right, however. They were right in 1814, they are right today, and they'll be right in 2114. The fact is, technology will always advance; it's designed by human beings, and it's in our nature to want to find better, faster, easier, or just more interesting ways to do things. We'll carry on doing that for as long as we survive as a species.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 20 Oct 2014

My days of understanding the technology I work with have gone.

Nowadays I just accept that life is much easier than it used to be.

Even if it seems to be going at a lot faster pace.

  wee eddie 19:57 20 Oct 2014

New technology is always new but not all of it is better. The problem is that no one knows which bit will be better until it has been tested in the heat of life.

So, some new technology will survive and improve our lives, others, like 8 Track and the Mini Disk will be consigned to the annals of gallant failures. Whether they are better or not.

One of the problems of getting older, and more cynical, is that one has seen so many candidates for success come and go, that one tends to let others, usually the young and naïve, do the experimentation before adopting it oneself.

  sunnystaines 09:11 24 Oct 2014

like the kick start on a motorbike, now its just a button.

  BillSers 09:15 24 Oct 2014

My father used to start our first car with a starting handle.

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