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Modern life and diesel engines

  Graham* 09:38 23 Aug 2016

Why do people buy expensive cars, Mercedes, Jaguars, etc. and get them with a diesel engine?

  OTT_B 09:51 23 Aug 2016

Yes....diesel makes up about half of the new car market. A lot of Mercedes, Jaguar and similar premium cars are sold to businesses as company cars where diesels have significant tax breaks (BIK). In this segment, diesels can hold up to 70% ~ 80% market share.

  john bunyan 12:42 23 Aug 2016

For folk who like an automatic, there are fewer smallish petrol autos, and, until recently, the government encouraged them on emissions ground. Even now, with diesel particulate filters , the best diesels are lower in emissions than many petrol models.

  oresome 12:58 23 Aug 2016

I've lost the plot. Why wouldn't they buy a diesel, especially if they are high mileage drivers?

  x123 13:13 23 Aug 2016

We pick up a new Audi diesel 2litre next week. 60+ mpg, 320ft torque and silky smooth auto box. As we do 25,000+ a year, a simple choice.

  canarieslover 13:27 23 Aug 2016

Modern diesel engines are more efficient and more powerful than most petrol engines of the same capacity. Noise levels are a lot lower than old diesels and of course luxury cars fit that extra bit of sound deadening to negate any extra noise generated. It's not just the extra economy that makes it appealing to have a diesel, the pulling power makes for a more relaxed drive where you rarely need to change down a gear, or kickdown with with an auto, to overtake safely. I changed to diesel 9 years ago after 40 years of driving petrol engined cars and all three diesel cars I have owned have not only been cheaper to run but also a much better driving experience, and I am only talking about lower end cars.

  morddwyd 20:19 23 Aug 2016

Bought my first diesel in January last year, and sold it 2 months later, in March.

Smelled, sounded, handled and performed like a tractor!

Never again.

  Burn-it 14:27 24 Aug 2016

Hasn't it been proven that the myth about diesel being cleaner is just that; a total myth and not true. I never understood how it could be in the first place.

  OTT_B 14:39 24 Aug 2016


It's not a clear cut case as to whether petrol or diesel is cleaner. The simple fact is that they are both dirty, just in different ways. On balance, diesel (properly treated) probably has the advantage.

  bumpkin 22:16 24 Aug 2016

Nothing wrong with diesels, had many in the past mainly for commercial use but some for personal vehicles, all very reliable.

Modern diesels are extremely good especially in auto's. Probably in my mind only but I do think that petrol has that slight edge over diesel on performance and flexibility driving a manual. I will probably be shot down with statistics but for personal cars (all I use now anyway) I go for the petrol version if available.

  Forum Editor 18:18 25 Aug 2016

"Why do people buy expensive cars, Mercedes, Jaguars, etc. and get them with a diesel engine?"

I drive a diesel engine Mercedes. It is my first diesel, and it beats my previous petrol model hands down for fuel economy. It's very smooth to drive, and I particularly like the superior low-end torque that a diesel gives.

I drive a lot of motorway miles, and I think that's where diesels score. I wouldn't go back to a petrol engine. I was persuaded to go diesel by one of my daughters, who also has a diesel Mercedes as her company car. She left her car with me when she went to work in South Africa for a few months, and I took it for a couple of business trips from London to Newcastle. After that, I was convinced.

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