Modern car production and robotics

  Al94 20:29 04 Sep 2018

Came across this video by chance - the degree of robotics in production of the body is astounding as is the attention to detail as the build progresses, worth a watch, 2018 Skoda

  Aitchbee 21:50 04 Sep 2018

Fantastic, Al94. Thanks for sharing. Great soundtrack too.

  bumpkin 22:16 04 Sep 2018

Very interesting video. I am trying to imagine the scale of time it takes to make and program the robots. I know I would hate to be one of the humans on the production line.

  wee eddie 22:29 04 Sep 2018

What fascinated me most was the low noise levels. No one was wearing ear mufflers

  Aitchbee 22:59 04 Sep 2018

Interesting to see that feeling with the human hand for any miniscule imperfections at many quality control points is the best method. Exactly what I do when assessing how clean my pots 'n' pans are after washing 'em in the sink. Cue Max Bygraves, NOT ;o]

  john bunyan 23:36 04 Sep 2018

Compare and contrast with the production line of the car I used to dearly want. Too old (me, not the car) now.


  bumpkin 23:37 04 Sep 2018

Very impressive technology and quality control but the end product is still a Skoda.

  canarieslover 09:52 05 Sep 2018

bumpkin It may 'only be a Skoda' but the beauty of robotics is that they can produce the same result every time. The accuracy and the tight tolerances compared to human assembly mean fewer rejects needing rectification so reducing costs. It's also the main reason that the modern car is so reliable compared to it's sixties equivalent. Obviously this means that the manpower requirements are much reduced with a further cut in costs. It's the main reason that cars have become much more affordable since I started work in the early sixties. The downside is that the number of jobs available has diminished substantially so motor manufactures are constantly looking for new markets and updating models to keep sales going. We may not have noticed the affordability so much due to the weakness of sterling but if it wasn't for the robots we would be paying much more.

  Quickbeam 13:04 05 Sep 2018

Also Skoda was a quality European car maker prewar. Post war production under communism were junk.

  Quickbeam 13:23 05 Sep 2018

Skoda also had a heavy armament works that turned out big howitzers like Krupp made for the great war.

  Forum Editor 14:12 05 Sep 2018

"...but the end product is still a Skoda."

Moder Skodas are beautifully engineered cars.

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