MOD have 30 days to Cover up...

  Seth Haniel 21:16 28 Feb 2010

click here

The Ministry of Defence will destroy all future UFO reports it receives so it does not have to make them public, a previously secret memo reveals.

Hints of a 'cover-up' to me ;)

  namtas 21:46 28 Feb 2010

Or else they have decided that they will not spend any more wasted time logging and then explaining sightings that they like us believe has a simple explanation but because of a lack of clarity and evidence can not be defined.

  Seth Haniel 22:48 28 Feb 2010

Government Surplus.

  Forum Editor 23:02 28 Feb 2010

I'm quite sure that if alien beings exist, and visit our planet, they'll make themselves known. No sensible entity is going to spend decades crossing light years of space just for a quick look and then home again.

If they're out there and they come, we'll all know about it - there's no need for a special government unit when we have millions of pairs of eyes.

  Input Overload 23:44 28 Feb 2010

If I visited Earth I might have a look & decide to scarper, esp if they have tuned into daytime telly via Sky, I was ill a few months ago for a while & had to watch some daytime TV. I think in time you would be taken away in the 'Big Yellow Taxi'.

  rdave13 00:13 01 Mar 2010

To thine own heart look.
No Gods, no Aliens surely?
You expire and a lump of dead meat. No wonderful afterlife and no ethereally being left to ghoul the people in the living world.
Dead means dead, same as a grass shoot devoid of water or a fly in a web trap poisoned by the spider.
We're the same.

  zzzz999 03:30 01 Mar 2010

The aliens pop to earth from time to time to catch up on Corrie and Eastenders.

  Seth Haniel 08:04 01 Mar 2010

I beg to differ - I have told you before 'We are all different' the only people who are the same are 'Sheeple' click here

or what would be the point - or even the point of your post as it has nothing to do with the subject posted.

You are not the body - that may be 'dead meat' been there, got the scars, but also the memory?, consciousness? of that time.

  Input Overload 08:14 01 Mar 2010

Rick'scafe, I wondered about that, no doubt at all UFO sightings went up dramatically on the 25th year live East Enders.

  morddwyd 08:15 01 Mar 2010

Pie in the sky.

From what I remember of my time with the MoD the report won't even reach the top of the "In" tray, ready for transfer to the "Pending" tray within thirty days!

  Seth Haniel 08:59 01 Mar 2010

there was a whole debacle about a firm that had destroyed its e-mails - so its records couldn't be checked.
one law for one etc,.

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