Mobile Site - Badly designed Advert

  wee eddie 13:10 30 May 2014

The new Samsung Advert is so badly designed (very pretty though) that it makes the PCA Mobile Site almost impossible to use.

FE, please try it somewhere there are not metropolitan Download Speeds available.

Using such Copy is counter productive, as it drives people from the website and generates negative feedback for the Advertiser.

  wee eddie 23:18 31 May 2014

Still there. It took me just over 12 minutes to be in a position to make this post.

Why. The site will earn nothing if you frighten the Punters away

  simonjary 07:02 01 Jun 2014

We're waiting on Advertising Operations to cancel the ad. Basically the approval procedure needs tightening up.

In future such campaigns will have to go through me before going live.

The Close 'X' button works for me on an iPhone. Which phones does it not work on?



  carver 07:12 01 Jun 2014

Morning, I have a Samsung S3 and it wouldn't close on that phone, if I used it close to a WI-FI connection it's wasn't too bad but without that WI-FI it just took so long to load it was unusable and at one point froze the phone.

But these things happen, if you get every thing 100% right first time it means you haven't done anything.

  martd7 09:43 01 Jun 2014

Cross button doesn't work properly on my win8 Nokia 925 phone,it has to be pressed a few times to remove the ad

  bremner 09:46 01 Jun 2014


Any idea when the site will be acceptable to use on an iPad without having to turn off Javascripting?

  simonjary 11:40 01 Jun 2014


This ad has now been removed. Thanks for your patience!

And enjoy your Sunday!



  Flak999 13:30 01 Jun 2014

This has been an ongoing problem with this site for a long time. I use adblock for Chrome for my desktop, and adblock for IOS on my Iphone and Ipad. (available from the app store) To be honest it is the only thing that makes this site viewable, particularly on mobile devices.

I know all the arguments about ad revenue keeping this forum free, but if the plethora of intrusive ads actually drives site users away then there is no point to them.

I use this site a lot, and if I had to run the gauntlet of the type of ads we have been seeing recently I would certainly go elsewhere. Personally speaking I would be prepared to pay a subscription if the site could be ad free.

  spuds 13:44 01 Jun 2014

"Personally speaking I would be prepared to pay a subscription if the site could be ad free."

Would this increase the contributions already being made on a voluntary basis, by those who do so daily, in answer to other peoples questions and problems. Or will it lead to even less people using or supporting the website?.

  Flak999 14:08 01 Jun 2014


"will it lead to even less people using or supporting the website?."

The thing is, with the way the site has been performing recently (slowing to a crawl, intrusive ads on mobile devices) this is going to drive people away out of sheer frustration with not being able to post or double posts or being spammed with numerous intrusive ads.

You either block all the ads on all your devices like I do, or suffer them and quit the site in frustration. There needs to be a happy medium for the site owners and the users.

We don't have it at the moment!

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