mobile phones that will do everything?

  Diemmess 16:25 21 Aug 2007

There is a thread running at the moment about poor versus good - photographic quality from various mobiles.

Isn't it a repeat of the old scenario that a multi purpose gadget will do several things but none of them as well as a dedicated single purpose item?

Years ago our local exchange went from pulse to tone dialling and we could buy our own hand set rather than rent one, I asked my wife what type she would like?
We had weird neighbours at the time, she said she didn't care as long as it had plenty of nines!

We being past the last flush of youth, our mobiles are cheap PAYG. I confess I wouldn't know how to text, but they serve well when needing to communicate quickly.

So now an argument about picture quality!

What do others see as the next step?
A GPS add on would have its uses, while for equestrians why not one of those things for taking stones out of horse's hoofs?
(No chance of that, it would then become an offensive weapon I suppose)

  lisa02 16:39 21 Aug 2007

You can get GPS on mobiles.

I think mobiles are at their peak of innovation, just the technology will get better, improved cameras etc etc

2 things that seriously need improving... Web browsing and streaming media content. And the cost of doing the above.

  Stuartli 17:01 21 Aug 2007

It's always surprised me (because I've never actually used one) that all-in-one printer units seem to cost about the same as a dedicated printer.

Something must have to give....

  Earthsea 17:37 21 Aug 2007

One big advantage of having separate single-purpose printers/mobiles/etc is that if something goes wrong with them it doesn't affect anything else. If an all-in-one printer needs repairing you lose both printer and scanner.

As for mobiles, I've just got a cheap one because all I want to do with it is speak and text. The calculator does come in useful sometimes, though. I keep planning to buy a digital camera.

  Legolas 19:24 21 Aug 2007

Well I just bought a new mobile recently and it has a camera that takes stills and video, a radio, an MP3 player, a voice recorder, a web browser oh and you can also make phone calls on it :-)

  Al94 20:27 21 Aug 2007

I love the convenience of always having a reasonable camera in my as an integral part of my phone - Sony Cypershot 3.2 megapixel. Got loads of great pics that I would have missed otherwise. Also listen to the radio via earphones on the train.

  Al94 20:27 21 Aug 2007

that was "in my pocket" of course!

  Spark6 20:28 21 Aug 2007

The mind boggles. As a matter of interest, what function of your new mobile is used most?

Me, I have my daughter's hand-me-down, simple phone calls and the occasional text. Not too stressful!

  @[email protected]!c 20:51 21 Aug 2007

ive had a nokia n80 for a while now and i still use most of its functions..web browsing,email,streaming videos,photos,vids,games(good quality),radio,sat nav, it has a few more but these are the ones i use the most,i think mobile phones are becoming more often like mini laptops with the added pleasure of being a phone :)kind regards akanic

  John B 21:01 21 Aug 2007

click here

Good website too! (In my opinion).

  realist 21:11 21 Aug 2007

I have a proper's dedicated to making and receiving phone calls.

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